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Have important travel information every Canadian tourist should know at your fingertips regardless of where in the world you decide to go! Download Voyage ...

Discontinued App


Have important travel information every Canadian tourist should know at your fingertips regardless of where in the world you decide to go! Download Voyage & start traveling smarter with information on foreign laws, currencies, country overviews & much more in your pocket today! A complete travel resource with in depth profiles on more than two hundred countries, Voyage provides Canadian tourists and adventurers abroad with everything they need to know to stay safe, make the most out of their travels, and have a smooth journey to almost any corner of the world they go! This mobile tool utilizes an easy-to-navigate interface that categorizes information by country. In turn, guides for specific nations are divided into more detailed informational sections, guaranteeing that users are able to find the facts and information they need quickly without having to sift through scores of irrelevant content to get there. Each country guide in Voyage includes 12 unique sections - Recent Updates, Warnings and Recommendations, Safety and Security, Entry and Exit Requirements, Canadian Government Contacts, Travel Health, Additional Health Information, Laws and Customs, Travel and Currency, Natural Disasters and Climate, Additional Information and an Annex for the user's reference. Voyage also provides wanderers with official government Travel Alerts, Warnings, as well as a wide array of interesting and helpful facts for each country included within the app. Country facts include a general overview of each available region as well as, up to date information on any given nation's People, History, Politics, Economy, Foreign Relations, and more! Continuously improving, Voyage now offers users the comfort of knowing that all included official travel reports are automatically integrated with their original government source and updated in real-time. To keep the app practical and easy to use the app now opens in-app Travel Alert and Warnings links in separate browser screens provide users with a more flexible and functional experience as well. Whenever you're traveling abroad it's important to have as much information on your destinations as possible. Now with Voyage making sure you have all the facts before, during, and after your adventures around the world is as easy as turning on your iPhone! Features: * In depth country guides available for over 200 nations around the world. * Official government Travel Reports with real-time updates. Interesting and important regional information categorized by country including: * Demographics, Native People, and Culture National histories Overviews of Political climates and Economies Overview of countries' politics and economy ...and more! Full overview of rules and regulations in over 200 foreign countries including: * Travel Health * Entry/ Exit Requirements * Canadian Embassy locations ...and much more!


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