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Walnut Secure Email Walnut Secure Email is P2P, person to person or end to end secure mail application that protects all of end-user existing accounts, ...

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Walnut Secure Email Walnut Secure Email is P2P, person to person or end to end secure mail application that protects all of end-user existing accounts, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Hotmail, live.com, Outlook and hosted addresses, and corporate mail. It supports servers that works on IMAP/ SMTP protocol. * Walnut2 offers encrypted email that is both inexpensive and easy to use, * Walnut2 does not offer a new email account or service; it also does not require a hosted network server, * Walnut2 offers many patent pending, proprietary and useful extension features that benefit the end-user such as Priority, Restricted Messages, Auto Expiration, Acknowledgments, among others, * Walnut2 is available on multiple operating systems and allows personal as well as businesses users immediate protection of email communication, * Walnut2 also co-exists with all other secure mail solutions on a single end-user device, * Walnut2 allows multiple email accounts to be configured using single interface, * Messages are encrypted using AES 256 which is generally secure for Government and Business Applications, * No keys are distributed. Key generation is based on proprietary algorithms. Key Features: * Provides Privacy to Protect Data at Rest: - Password protection to allow access to authorised users, - Hibernation, * Security to Protect data in transit for P2P and end to end encryption: - Messages are encrypted directly on the Sender device and are decrypted only on the recipient device(s), - Mail server has cipher text and does not have access to clear text messages, Proprietary Features: * Priority Indication: - Messages can be set with one of the four priorities (Red, Orange, Green and Grey) based on the importance and criticality, * Restricted Messages: - Messages can restricted to stop forwarding or copying to others if the sender does want others to read the message except the recipient, * Auto Expiration: - Messages can be set to be deleted automatically after a specified time defined by sender, after the recipient reads the message, - This will be useful in cases where highly confidential messages are not to be retained after use. * Acknowledgments: - Sender can set acknowledgement request and the recipient will be allowed to read the message only after acknowledgement is sent, * Scheduled Delivery: - The sender can set the specific time when the message will be delivered to the recipient, - Useful in sending messages at the right time for reminder or notifying critical information at the right time, etc. * Alerts, Notifications, * Regulatory Compliance. Other Important Features: * Subscription based service, * Activation and Deactivation, * OTA download, * User Profile Support, * Private Contacts. WALNUT2 Benefits: * Simple to Install, configure and use application that provides End to End Person to Person Security and protect any IMAP/ SMTP based Email accounts using a unified client interface, * Ubiquitous and interoperable among computers, tablets and mobile devices and across multiple operating systems (Windows, UNIX, Mac, Android, IOS) and support multiple mail clients.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.0

Size: 5.23 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by LOMENT

Day of release: 2013-03-9

Recommended age: 4+

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