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The West Career and Technical Academy (WestCTA) opened in August of 2010 with approximately 675 9th and 10th grade students. The school currently has ...

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The West Career and Technical Academy (WestCTA) opened in August of 2010 with approximately 675 9th and 10th grade students. The school currently has approximately 1350 students in 9th through 12th grade. The campus is located at the base of Red Rock National Conservation Area and is part of the master planned community of Summerlin. The energy efficient school, located at 11945 West Charleston Blvd., is partially powered by solar energy and has natural lighting throughout the campus. With a beautiful view, a nine-acre natural preserve area, and 42 acre campus, WestCTA is considered to be one of the most advanced high schools in the country. Four greenhouses at the school help to facilitate learning in the areas of climate change, biotechnology, horticulture, and botany. A non-traditional school, WestCTA is classified as a “career and technical academy”. The school emphasizes science, technology, medicine, business, and digital media. The core curriculum at WestCTA is rigorous and designed to prepare students for the best colleges in the country. Advanced placement courses are offered in all core curriculum areas providing possible college credit while in high school. Additionally, WestCTA is known for its high expectations and excellent instructional staff. Each of the school’s nine programs have advanced laboratory space, equipment, and technology allowing students to perform real world and relevant simulations, presentations, and experiments in a state-of-the-art facility. The nine programs at WestCTA include: Veterinary and Medical Sciences, Biotechnology, Nursing, Sports Medicine, Environmental Science & Natural Resources, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Business Management, Digital Media, and Information Technology. Each program area utilizes a hands-on approach to learning in order to make learning enjoyable and relevant. As the only G-Apps school in the district, the Google-WestCTA partnership allows students to collaborate digitally construct electronic portfolios, and engage in the most dynamic and creative projects involving digital media, animation, and a host of other applications. Students bring a wide range of personal devices to school including laptops and tablets, all accessible through an exclusive student WIFI system. Additionally, there are over 700 computers and laptops available for student use. FEATURES: *Check school announcements right from your phone. *See the school calendar for upcoming events and important dates. *Browse through faculty members and teachers to visit their website or send them an email. *Learn about what goes on at our school. *Get directions via Maps to our campus. *Find us on Facebook and Twitter. *Learn about programs offered at our school. *See the bell schedule for normal and assembly days. *See a map of our campus. *See WCTA's Core Values …and much more


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