Word Push is a unique word puzzle game - that combines features of popular word board games that you grew up playing with. - Unique game play never ...

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Word Push is a unique word puzzle game - that combines features of popular word board games that you grew up playing with. - Unique game play never seen in any word games on the planet. - 100 levels to solve - each level progresses harder. - First ten levels features friendly game walk throughs and game hints. - Each level will challenge not only your vocabulary but your strategy. - Balanced word game puzzle with special abilities gained from Word-manas. - Absolutely no In-App purchase (You buy it it's yours) - Absolutely no Ads (Designed for end user enjoyment) User ratings ------------------------------------- "Brain Game" - 5 star "this game isn't any other word game...very unique...makes the brain works and think fast before time runs out. very challenging and stimulating" - user rating 5 star - review "Word push is just as challenging as they said it would be. It is well worth the cost and very enjoyable." - user rating 5 star - Really Fun "I love word games but most of those available (thus far) aren't very interesting. Word Push is a lot of fun, though. It's challenging and you can replay the levels to beat your score. I only wish I had a better sense of direction because I often make the tiles fall the wrong way." - user rating ----------------------------------- The goal of the game is to remove all the gem colored letter tiles. The gem colored letter tiles can be removed by forming a word with the gem colored tile letters selected within the word. but! there is catch. if you choose a gem colored tile letter, you also need to choose all the same gem colored letters within your word, otherwise your move is invalid. gem colored tile can be mixed with regular tiles to form a word. you may want to ask, how is this possible, specially if the gem colored tiles are spaced out in the tile grid. that's what makes this game challenging , fresh and engaging. you can move the tiles, by selecting where the new letters will push from. letter pushes can come from four directions top, bottom, left and right once you select a valid word, the letters dissappear and new tiles are inserted depending on the push direction. the board is adjusted, and the letters are maneuvered. strategize your word drop directions to properly align the gem tiles to form a word. there are also two special abilities that will help you solve the puzzle. 1. you can choose a non dictionary valid word. ( by choosing all the tiles of the same letter, as long as the tiles are adjacent to each other) 2. you can choose two letter valid words. this special abilites are acquired as you progress along the level, by forming words and maneuving the gem tiles. you will acquire word-manas, each special ability will require certain mana value.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0

Size: 3.12 MB


Price: 0,93 €


Day of release: 2012-07-27

Recommended age: 4+

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