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WWJP MagicTrader 3.0

泰嘉證券資產管理有限公司誠意為您獻上嶄新的股票投資平臺。 泰嘉證券資產管理有限公司不斷努力進取,務求成為一間管理完善、國際稱譽,以及靈活穩健的集團,驥能滿足客戶瞬息萬變的需求,從而促進亞太地區的發展及繁 榮。 泰嘉證券資產管理有限公司,(香港證監會持牌之金融機構ANP612,提供證券交易、投資顧問及資產 ...

Discontinued App

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泰嘉證券資產管理有限公司誠意為您獻上嶄新的股票投資平臺。 泰嘉證券資產管理有限公司不斷努力進取,務求成為一間管理完善、國際稱譽,以及靈活穩健的集團,驥能滿足客戶瞬息萬變的需求,從而促進亞太地區的發展及繁 榮。 泰嘉證券資產管理有限公司,(香港證監會持牌之金融機構ANP612,提供證券交易、投資顧問及資產 管理)於金融界擁有豐富的股票及衍生 工具市場投資經驗。管理團隊擁有豐富之金融經驗和知識,同時亦擁有覆蓋全球之強大網 絡。我們透過股票交易及資產管理平臺為您提供多元化服務,例如把握投資時機,合適處理投資目標, 股票交易及初次公開發行(IPO)的公司股票買賣等。 現在您只需要透過iphone、ipod touch、ipad就可以輕鬆管理證券帳戶,功能包羅萬有,包括: - 買賣本地證券 - 證券即時串流報價或點擊報價,包括買賣盤價格及股數、價格深 度、買賣方經紀、即日圖表等 - HKEx MDS3.8兼容 : 兼容港交所於2011年12月5日推出之MDS3.8規格, 包括市場數據播送訊息將達到每 秒2000個股份頁更新,比起舊有的每秒1000個股份頁更新增加一倍,及市場價格深度將由5個最佳價格增至10個 - 查閱未成交訂單狀況 - 查閱成交紀錄 - 查閱戶口持倉及結餘 - 查閱本地指數及十大股票 - 設定我的最愛心水股票 您只需擁有本公司的網上證券帳戶,即可使用此app縱橫新世代投資領域! 如有查詢,請致電客戶服務部熱線:31042486 Tiger Securities Asset Management Company Limited would like to introduce you with the new trading platform. As one of the leading diversified groups in the Asia Pacific region, Tiger Securities Asset Management Company Limited has constantly striven to be a professionally managed, prudent, internationally respected and flexible group dedicated to fulfilling the ever-changing needs of its customers and promoting the development and prosperity of the region. Tiger Securities Asset Management Company Limited (Hong Kong SFC License ANP612 – Dealing in Securities, Advising on Securities and Asset Management) is an organization, where its management team has extensive experience in the securities and derivatives markets. We also provide a diversified service in regards to executing in the local stock exchange as well as a wide asset management platform, providing a myriad of wealth management products, along with its rich and extensive industry network contacts. Tiger Securities Asset Management Company Limited serves its clients in multiple ways: timely stock trading execution, strong research backed investment recommendations, and also IPO related services. With this app you can manage your stock account easily. There are many functions included, such as: - Buy / Sell local stock - Streaming or snap shot price quote, with price depth, broker ID, charts - Compatible with the MDS3.8 specification released by HKEx at 2011/12/5, which including these features : Data update frequency increased from 1000 stocks per second to 2000 stocks per second, and BID/ASK queue increased from 5 best bid/ask to 10 best bid/ask position. - Outstanding orders status - Transactions - Account position and balance - Local index and top ten - Watch list You can now invest anywhere with this app NOW!


Technical specifications

Version: 3.2

Size: 7.43 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Tiger Securities Asset Management Company Limited

Day of release: 2012-01-18

Recommended age: 4+

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