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Wacky Safari

SPECIAL ALERT - Full Version Now Available For Free! As featured on Parenting.com! REVIEWS!! By iphoneworld.ca, Aug. 10: ...This app was a stellar ...

Discontinued App


SPECIAL ALERT - Full Version Now Available For Free! As featured on Parenting.com! REVIEWS!! By iphoneworld.ca, Aug. 10: ...This app was a stellar hit with my 4-year old son, who is an avid animal lover. He plays it every chance he gets. It is perfect for the 2-5 age group. By theiphonemom.com, Aug. 5: ... It’s very silly but my four year old son was enthralled by it. Enthralled. (Wacky Phone) ...So it appears that Wacky Safari was a hit with all my kids. By theikidsblog.com, July 30: ...Wacky Safari is zany fun. ...PawJam was an endless good time... By appbiter on Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 ... It’s a wacky good time ... What really makes this app stand out in the pool of apps in the App Store is the friendly overall tone and feel of the games within ... it’s bound to be a great addition to the games that you’d want to play with your entire family. ... you’re really getting more than you’re paying for. _________________________________________ Do you love wild animals? How about a good laugh? Well then, Wacky Safari is the application for you! Safari Joe and Safari Jane invite you to join them on this colorful, crazy, Wacky Safari where you can play five different entertaining and engaging activities! Toddlers will LAUGH and LEARN while they play! Go to www.wackyuniverse.com for video demo and info! --------------------------- Mix n Match 1 and 2 are puzzles made from BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS of animals that you get to put together. Call animal friends with the Wacky Phone and hear WACKY MESSAGES! Play the paws in Paw Jam and hear all kinds of ANIMAL SOUNDS! Laugh & Learn with animal FACTS and JOKES!! --------------------------- This application has been tested and tested for laughability and funability by many kids! (are those words?!) Beautiful photographs along with animal sounds, funny sound design and bright colors are sure to keep your young one busy. Try to find Charlie, the blue footed bird. He is hiding on each screen, he might pop up to say hello! --------------------------- FEATURES: 1. Designed for kids of all ages, but especially toddlers!! 2. Over 40 beautiful color photographs of wild animals! 3. Five activities to play. 4. Two Mix & Match puzzles - Use your finger to swipe animal photos until they match. 5. Wacky Phone - Call any of nine animals - ostrich, lion, panda, mandrill, baby lioness, grouchy bird, ape, chimpanzee and a funny bird! They each have a funny message! 6. Paw Jam - 3 different graphic paws, tap the paw pads and play the animal sounds or a drum beat. 7. Laugh and Learn- Laugh out loud to funny animal jokes! Also, Safari Joe and Safari Jane tell interesting facts about animals. 8. Wacky Sound Design! 9. Entertaining music throughout activities that can be turned on and off. 10. Find Charlie - You’re it! Find Charlie, the blue footed bird and see him dance! Easy to use interface, made for small fingers. Be sure to check out our other apps: ABC Puzzle The Lord's Prayer The Lord's Prayer 2 for the iPad Ite Missa Est Catholic Homilies. ***First generation iPod touch requires headphones.


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Version: 1.42

Size: 34.67 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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