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Half price for a limited time only. If you take notes for orders using a pen then this App could save you a lot of time which could be spent serving ...

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Half price for a limited time only. If you take notes for orders using a pen then this App could save you a lot of time which could be spent serving other customers. Alternatively if you're a barman who has to take orders for many drinks at a time you can use this app too. Can also be used by Flight Attendants, as a shopping list, recipe list or todo list. Waiters Notes Pro - Features ------------------------- * Send orders (via email). This is so that you can send your orders to a colleague to open/print in the kitchen or wherever required. The emails display the quantity, name and notes for each item on the order including food and drink. * Make additional notes about items on orders. For example "With rice instead of chips"or "Half pint with ice and lemon". * Add items to your menu from the menu editor as well as when you create orders. Each item can belong to a category… * You can add your own categories. For example Starters, Mains, Deserts ect. You can then apply the categories to menu items. This is so that you can them to filter the items you pick from when taking orders from customers. This means that it is quicker than ever to create orders and easier to read them. * When you enter an item on an order that item becomes available for selection in future saving you from ever having to type the same thing twice. * Item pricing and automatic calculation of a total order price. You can also add a percentage of VAT or a Service charge. This can be used to let customers know the cost of their meal if requested or even for billing customers. * Enter the quantity for each item, this is then displayed on the order screen. * Enter a person number for each item so you know who to take it to when the meal is ready. Can also be used for tracking the status of items. e.g. 1 - Ordered, 2 - In kitchen 3 - complete. * You can edit or delete the items on your menu using the menu editor. * No adverts Please send your suggestions to chrislewisapps@gmail.com. ************************************* The next version will be Waiters Notes Pro v3.6 and will include - * Username for e-mails More to follow in additional versions. Install now to avoid future price increases. All future updates will be free of charge following your initial purchase. All suggestions welcome. Thanks for downloading.


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