WaiverForever provides a simple, safe and unified tool that allows businesses to create customized electronic waiver documents to be signed, collected ...

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WaiverForever provides a simple, safe and unified tool that allows businesses to create customized electronic waiver documents to be signed, collected and stored safely. No more piles of paper or misplaced forms; with WaiverForever's fantastic digital tool, it's now so easy to get your business organized! WaiverForever has been eliminating the physical hassle of waivers since 2010 and has been adopted by thousands of businesses worldwide. Join Jet Ski rentals, bike shops, paintball venues and so many other businesses in choosing an electronic paperless waiver future! Sign-up takes less than 3 minutes, so start evaluating WaiverForever for your business now! ----------------------- How can WaiverForever help my business? First, envision that the entire waiver process is handled electronically, from creation to storage. Here are just some of the incredible benefits going electronic can offer your business: 1. All-electronic, fully customizable waiver documents. Get organized instantly! Create customized documents tailored to your business's needs within minutes: agreements, waivers and indemnity forms. You can format documents to collect customers' personal information such as signatures, addresses, phone numbers and emails. Want to know more about your customers? Instantly create short surveys to gather customer feedback through short answers or multiple-choice responses. 2. Permanent, reliable waiver storage system. Never worry about the stack of signed waivers again! WaiverForever utilizes an industry-leading central storage solution also used by Dropbox and Netflix for maximum reliability. Coupled with our proprietary 24-hour automatic backup system, you'll never lose a single document ever again. 3. Virtual organization of waiver documents. De-clutter your business! Stay clutter-free by having all signed waivers saved and collated in one place, and exportable to a spreadsheet. Later, search for and retrieve a needed document immediately. If a printer is handy, make a hard copy. 4. Instantly find any waiver stored by searching. No more tiresome digging through piles of documents! You can immediately locate signed waiver forms by searching for the customer's name, or filtering by a specific date. Say goodbye to the days of having to open up filing cabinets and rummage through piles of documents! 5. Deeper analysis of data. Get insight into your customers! WaiverForever allows you to export aggregated user data into a spreadsheet file, allowing for further analysis. This makes it possible to quickly conduct marketing analysis, gather statistics on user feedback questions, and track customer activity. ----------------------- WaiverForever has been widely used in thousands of businesses all over the world. Jet Ski rentals, paintball ranges, non-profit volunteer programs, plumbing services, Stand Up Paddle Board shops and oh so many others. WaiverForever has dramatically reduced physical clutter and eliminated the all the potential hassle around physical waivers for all these businesses. So install WaiverForever now, for a stress-free waiver handling future for you and your business!


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0.0

Size: 7.47 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Aries App, Inc.

Day of release: 2012-06-28

Recommended age: 4+

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