"What we like: Simple interface,Easy to use,Graphs,Cash flow analysis,Affordable" findmysoft.com “We would recommend this app to people who love simplicity ...

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"What we like: Simple interface,Easy to use,Graphs,Cash flow analysis,Affordable" findmysoft.com “We would recommend this app to people who love simplicity with effectiveness.” iphonefootprint.com "You truly can’t go wrong with this app if you’re looking to track your spending" appdictions.com View Demo/Review from Dailyappshow.com @ Walasses.com "A money management app with a spending plan, cash flow graphs and expense reports." iPhoneFreak.com "Walasses is an excellent iPhone app that keep records of amount of Money flowing in and amount of Money flowing out of daily expenses" allthatisapple.com iTunes Review Aryx78 - "I've tried to come up with an excel spreadsheet that would help me track my spending and though I have been somewhat successful in that endeavour, this app covers ALL bases in a neat easy to use app." * * * * * Get better with your Money because you deserve it, with a Money management Application, where An individual can keep records of amount of Money flowing in, and amount of Money flowing out of His/Her daily expenses. GPS Check-In enabled mode that can track and retain your location while using Walasses. A built in Messages feature which you can e-mail a photo, ex: Of your receipts and send them directly to your mail box, or just send a message to a friend of a great deal Walasses enables users of all ages to keep track of their daily expenses with an ease. Walasses is more than simple budgeting software; it is your personal computer, your financial advisor, your accountant. With Walasses, users don’t need to worry about not having enough money at the end of the month. This is the ideal tool for planning the income according to your expenses; this way, users will keep expenditures under control and they will be able to assess their financial activity much faster. Walasses also provides the user with a Cash flow analysis to determine how much savings can be available on a Weekly, Monthly or Yearly basis. Walasses provides comprehensive expense reports in forms of Graphs, which will help in understanding where he/she has spent more money and in what time of Week, Month or Year. With a built in Debt Ratio. You will be able to judge your ability to handle more Outflow. ***Visit www.Walasses.org for Money Saving Tips*** ***Reviews*** Drop us a Line, we want to Get Better with our Supporters Subscribe to our Newsletter for the InSide Scoop. Any problem's let us Know Support@walasses.com Key Features * Built in Messages feature * GPS Check-In enabled mode    * Elegant Interface    * Simple & Easy to use    * Record Information with One Hand    * Vibrant Graphs, simple to Understand, with legends and %    * Cash flow analysis: Weekly, Monthly Yearly    * Dept Ratio: Weekly, Monthly, Yearly    * Record Keeping for Cash flow: Weekly, Monthly Yearly    * Display of Money Allocation: Weekly, Monthly Yearly    * Auto-Recurring Entry    * Can be used for Home & Business Usage    * Personal Money management    * Home Money management    * Business Money management    * School Money management


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Version: 1.2

Size: 2.09 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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