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Wang Yuping

This App contains photographs of all Wang Yuping’s artworks since 1980, including those that have been shown for many times on international exhibitions ...

Discontinued App


This App contains photographs of all Wang Yuping’s artworks since 1980, including those that have been shown for many times on international exhibitions and those been collected by notable artistic organizations and collectors. This App also contains reviews and interview articles from three critics and curators, in which Wang has made a vivid depiction of his artistic experience as well as featured interpretation of his own artistic creation and concept. This App presents photographs of Wang at his solo exhibition, at his studio as well as in life. Wang Yuping's Artworks Show: -Wang Yuping’s works fell under the “expressionism” style, which actually involves the kind of very rough brushwork, and he can’t make fine brush strokes. Added with the native sense of colour, the casual brush strokes make his works show the barbaric beauty. -The artistic creation of Wang Yuping is based on the expression of survival experience. His subjects not only focus on the description of the floating world, but also make an excellent presentation of "sexy feeling" and "humor". By means of life painting, He often focuses on the ordinary man and the mortal trivia, by keeping records, clipping and transforming some of the fragments to divert and relieve himself from his experiences, memories, hobbies and fun. -In terms of the subject structure, Wang Yuping’s works is never a grand narrative, but a fundamental part of the naturally real life of ordinary people. On the one hand, he keeps real-time record into his paintings of the characters, scenery and articles closely related to his daily life, showing the specific nature of everyday life and the simple charm of painting itself by blending together simple and rustic details. On the other hand, in his works, you may find the "belonging" that is already gone but retained in the memories, the "homeland imagination" closely related to personal life, and the emotional associations you cannot afford to let go. When the cultural memory loaded in daily life increasingly grows into floating residue with nothing attached, Wang’s post-modern creation embodies the necessity and value of expression of everyday life experiences in the form of art. App Features: - 192 pieces of artworks since 1980; - Full round Photographs, including artist in life, at studio and exhibition sites; as well as a 360°full view of Wang’s Exhibition site; - 20 super-size HD digital artworks regularly updated, containing Wang’s electronic signature; - Wang’s Biography, resume, reviews by critics and videos; - Sharing with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Sina Microblog; - All artworks available for sale on Artdepot.cn. Notice: The App is operated in iOS 4 or higher edition operation system. The digital artworks require network supporting for super-sized HD photographs. Please keep connected to the network while downloading.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 74.46 MB


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Developed by Artdepot Co., Ltd.

Day of release: 2012-04-13

Recommended age: 12+

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