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Want to know Korean?

EASY KOREAN, Korean learning app created by experts! Do you want to read Korean? Do you like to have conversation with Korean people? Would you like ...

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EASY KOREAN, Korean learning app created by experts! Do you want to read Korean? Do you like to have conversation with Korean people? Would you like to sing along K-POP and understand its meanings? Do you want write letters and emails in Korean for Korean friends and K-POP singers? All of these are possible if you study hard with Easy Korean for a month. With EASY KOREAN, you can learn Korean alphabet, basic sentences and living English. You can also have Korean basic grammar explanation and expressive methods. Everything about learning Korean is in EASY KOREAN from listening to speaking and writing. EASY KOREAN is the world first Korean learning app for foreigners, which was produced by a development team, specialized in producing Korean contents, with the support of learning data and consultation about Korean contents production and learning procedure by teachers from Korean Language Institute of Korea University and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. ------------------------------------------------------ * Learning contents and classification of EASY KOREAN Korean room - Learning Korean alphabet Medial - How to write 11 medial, listening to pronunciation, and explanation about medial Initial consonant - How to write 19 initial consonants, listening to pronunciation and explanation about initial consonant Final consonant - How to write 27 final consonants and explanation about final consonant Letter combination - Experiencing letter combination with six types of initial consonant, medial and final consonant, and explanation about combination rules Basic concept of numbers - Basic learning of numbers expressed in Korea and listening to voice Sentence room - Expressing 480 Korean basic sentences into five patterns Living expression room - 980 living expressions that are mostly used in daily life of Korea are expressed in 16 situations. ----------------------------------------------------- * Functions of EASY KOREAN for maximizing learners’ convenience and effect EASY KOREAN provides learners with various functions that can maximize learning effect and smooth/easy learning. -Realistic and solid design & eight built-in talking characters -Possible to speak along Korean, answer questions and listen to your own recorded voice with the optimum built-in recording function, rather than simple learning through just seeing and listening. -Through the ‘checking my progress’, you can see your learning progress at a sight. -The built-in Help function in most pages provides users with utmost convenience. - Various kinds of learning mode(Three kinds of sentence room, four kinds of living expression room) •Learning mode of sentence room: Learning sentences, speaking and writing •Learning mode of living expression mode: A basic learning method, conversation type-learning. - Learners can select the learning mode suitable for their preference and level of difficulty. If you want to learn Korean, it is essential to have EASY KOREAN. ---------------------------------------------------- Requirement: It is necessary to have more than iOS 4.2. It is compatible with more than 2nd generation of iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.


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