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Washington DC Undercover

••• Travel where secrets and intrigue thrive ••• Power drives the people who run Washington, DC, which is clearly one of the great cities in the world. ...

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••• Travel where secrets and intrigue thrive ••• Power drives the people who run Washington, DC, which is clearly one of the great cities in the world. But beyond the monuments and past the tourists, there exists a world of espionage and intrigue, secrets and deception, which are as much a part of DC as the Halls of Congress. This visually exciting travel app introduces you to the spies and others in DC with secrets to hide. You'll gain insight and access to places frequented by the famous and the infamous, including spies, politicians, film makers, and power brokers. Little known secrets are revealed through the unique perspective of a local travel writer who loves intrigue. There are gripping entries and engaging photos that provide fascinating information collected especially for this app. A slide show accompanies each entry. Mapping ensures that you get where you want to go. And once you buy the app, you get all the expanded upgrades for free. Exciting and easy-to-navigate features include: * Insider info on spy incidents, sex scandals, and political intrigue * Original text by an award-winning travel writer and longtime Washingtonian * Filtering by category: spying, sex scandals, film locations, Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, art/architecture, and food/drink * Sorting by name, distance, cost, and neighborhood * Show and tell with 133 entries and more than 1,200 photos * Photo slide shows for every entry so you know what you're getting before you go * One-click phone and website interfaces * Maps and walking/driving directions * Buy once and get all the expanded upgrades for free Travel with this guide and you'll see a DC you never knew existed. Whether you're a local or visiting for the 1st or 50th time, you'll love "Undercover" DC. This app has ideas to make your time in DC ultra rewarding, with cool places you would miss otherwise. ••• About the Author ••• Leslie Atkins lives in Washington, DC among the spies and in the midst of political intrigue and sex scandals. She became a travel guru writing local travel pieces for The Washington Post and features for magazines, including US Airways Magazine, AAA World, Car & Travel, and Business Traveler. Leslie's book, No Strings Attached: The Savvy Guide to Solo Travel, is the winner of numerous national awards. Her newest book, Backroads & Byways of Maryland, reveals great ideas and insights for unusual getaways. ••• About Sutro Media ••• This guide is published in partnership with Sutro Media. By enabling local writers to share their expertise on mobile phones, Sutro Media is making it easier and more fun to explore the world! If you have any problems, comments, or suggestions for improvement, we'd love to hear from you - letusknow@sutromedia.com


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