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Water Stamp

Position text label with your finger to watermark pictures. It'll take just a finger to position the watermark label where you want it to be. Choose ...

Discontinued App


Position text label with your finger to watermark pictures. It'll take just a finger to position the watermark label where you want it to be. Choose a text font, set a text size, text color, text opacity level. You can also cast shadow on watermark text, controlling the level of blur filter. Once you create a watermarked picture, you can move on to save it at a reduced scale in a file name of your choice, e-mail a saved picture as an attachment. Because the application uses a rescaled watermark label on a rescaled picture, you can work on large pictures like ones with 4,320 x 3,240 pixels with no problem. //Features// 1. Use your finger to position watermark text. Save a watermarked picture with just a tap on a button. 2. Use a variety of character sets, not limited to MacRoman, supporting such written languages as English, Greek, Spanish, Japanese. 3. Use pictures stored in the Photos shared folder or the sandbox-protected folder assigned to the application as source images. 4. Choose PNG or JPEG as an export format. Set a compression rate (1 to 100) for JPEG. 5. Cast shadow on watermark text with the amount of blur effect, color, opacity level, sizes customized. 6. Preview a picture with watermark. (PreviewMe in-app required) 7. E-mail a saved, watermarked picture as an attachment. (MailMe in-app required) 8. Rescale (1 to 100%) and save a watermarked picture with a different file name. (ResizeMe in-app required) 9. The application comes with a built-in user’s guide. (Tap the Help button at the top of the main screen.) 10. Languages: English only 11. File size: 5.8 MB //System requirements// 1. iOS 6.0 or higher 2. iPad //Limitations// 1. The aspect ratio of a picture to load must be 1.8923 (horizontally long) or lower. 2. A picture to load must have at least 128 x 128 pixels in dimensions. 3. In order to retrieve saved (exported) watermarked picture files, the user must have access to a desktop computer with iTunes (Apple’s multimedia application) installed. 4. A final image that you save may look different to some extent as the application works with a rescaled image with a rescaled watermark text label. 5. Not every watermarked picture can be used as an e-mail attachment. A picture must be small enough in dimensions to fit the message window. 6. The application will not cast shadow on the watermark text label in real-time. 7. Some fonts that you use may not be applicable. 8. The user cannot rotate the watermark text label. 9. Water Stamp supports only the landscape orientation (horizontal). 10. For now, the watermark text size can be adjusted only between 8 and 400 points.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.5

Size: 4.1 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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