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Serious Apps For Serious Business There are more than 21 iTunes apps available. For more detail information visit the developer support site. Support ...

Discontinued App


Serious Apps For Serious Business There are more than 21 iTunes apps available. For more detail information visit the developer support site. Support is always free. Request a live demonstration of this app online prior to buying the app. Most of my apps on iTunes are IOS 7 compatible. For information on IOS 8/9 redesign apps contact the developer for more information. (if you have any issues with this app contact the developer support site) 2014 is the threshold for technical advances as technology changes every day. Data management is a very important part of the future. Our apps are designed to allow you to work smarter not harder. ***In Sept 2014 the new larger size iPhone 6 is a game changer. At last you do not need to buy a separate tablet to have a larger screen. This will finally provide an iPad like experience on an iPhone. This will make all my apps more useful on this new iPhone. *** Overview: This app was designed due to the frustration I have in managing links, and bookmarks in browsers. I am sure you have had to look through your browser to find that critical bookmark you need for a web site you visited. Maybe you don't recall the name of the site, or where it was in your bookmarks. If you use several browsers on the iPad or on your desktop which bookmark or link did you use to tuck it into? What I would like to have is one app that has all my bookmarks, links and information related to the websites I want to use. 1. I want one app that allows me to collect all of your bookmarks in one place. It also allows you to click on one icon to launch the browser to the needed site on either the iPad or your Mac or PC. 2. It would be even better if the app allowed me to group web sites by categories I want to assign them to in the app. You now have that option with Website Manager 1.0. 3. I am not done yet; I want to have a sub category portal of all of my select web sites with a sub category that sorts the web sites by categories I assign! 4. What's left, well I would like to have the date I added the site to my portal auto entered for me. I would like the URL in that portal to copy and paste in and out if I want to send it to a friend. I would want to add a description of the site, I would like to Rate the site, and add my notes about that site in the portal record. 5. I want a help screen to tell me how to use the app, and to remind me of those things I need to know. 6. I want world class support to help me if I need help. 7. I want to be able to update my changes from the iPad or desktop when ever I feel I need to do it. 8. I want all of these features and I don't want to pay more than $3.00 US for this app. Well your wish is now available for you on iTunes for you to download NOW!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 1.97 MB


Price: 2,79 €

Developed by Vaughn Clement

Day of release: 2012-03-15

Recommended age: 4+

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