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We believe that we have created the best Weight & Balance iOS app for iPhone & iPod Touch to assist pilots with their pre-flight planning. We ...

Discontinued App


We believe that we have created the best Weight & Balance iOS app for iPhone & iPod Touch to assist pilots with their pre-flight planning. We built this app as a response to all of the e-mails we received requesting that we customize our other apps for a specific airplane or STC. This new app will allow you to customize the parameters of almost everything. Also, this app includes all of your airplanes under a single program. We added a bunch of new features which are listed below: - In app purchase of an ever-growing list of airplanes. - Build an airplane, this will cover about +80% of the GA Fleet. - In-app purchase of airplanes with a Variable Arm for Fuel, such as Jets - Change CG envelope or Seat/Cargo Arm locations. - Create a PDF Load Sheet with Graph - Print/E-mail/Save completed Load Sheet. - In-App Tech Support, e-mail us the airplane giving you trouble, we can fix it and e-mail back to you. Your device will know to load the particular plane within the App. - In-App Tutorial Video and PDF found on the Info Page. - Customize seat and cargo locations on screen. Note: None of the features come free with the app, Six of them can be purchased via the In-App Store. 1. Build planes with up to 4 seats. 2. Build planes with more than 4 but less then 7 seats 3. Build planes with 7 or 8 seats. 4. Create/E-mail/Save/Print Load Sheet PDF 5. Enable all features (Gives all the above and free downloads of all the non jet airplanes.) 6. Enable all features + Jets (all the above and free downloads of any airplane in the to buy list) To build an airplane, you will need the POH/AFM in hand. Here are some known limitations of the app: Most importantly, this app is not approved for Primary Means of W&B computations. Get ramp checked with only the app and you will be getting certificate action most likely. We will not be held liable for its use, it may contain erroneous information. Always verify all numbers. You use this product at your own risk. 1. Variable arm fuel will be custom-built and bought in app, send us the POH and we can do it. 2. Metric - Large number will most likely look like garbage on the CG scale in graph. 3. %MAC will need a linear equation to work. 4. You will need a min. of iOS4.2. 5. If your Take off and Landing CG are within limits, there is still a possibility of your inflight CG to exit the envelope. This shows up as a red line for the fuel burn. 6. This app does not take into account performance data.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.3

Size: 9.66 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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