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WTT iPhone App – IDD Code and World Time Clock This is an excellent application for business or individual travelers who are frequently on the move. ...

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WTT iPhone App – IDD Code and World Time Clock This is an excellent application for business or individual travelers who are frequently on the move. If you have ever hesitated to make overseas calls as you wonder what the IDD calling code is for a particular region or country, or if it is the appropriate time to call your business partners, friends or beloved ones overseas, you will find no more hesitations with this application to check the IDD code and international time at fingertips on your iPhone! The application provides a list of countries and comes with quick search functions to identify the calling code and time of a particular country. You will never have to search for any elusive codes or time zones anywhere else but your iPhone! Features •Destination Search: Quick search functions for IDD calling codes by alphabetical order or by name •Destination Time Clock: Show you the current time of a particular destination that you select to make calls •Provision of the Dial Pad to make international calls directly after searching •Seamless Connection with iPhone Contacts: You can easily add any contacts on your iPhone Contacts to the Dial Pad and make IDD calls with them •Bilingual User Interface: Chinese and English Long Distance Calls Tariff The App can be provided in conjunction with WTT IDD007 service which is applicable for mobile phone users subscribed to the Hong Kong network. Customer using WTT IDD007 service shall pay for the IDD calls tariff at WTT’s standard rates as published for IDD007 service. The respective airtime will also be deducted by their corresponding mobile phone service providers. Notes to International Users The App is available in Chinese and English only. Please turn off IDD007 setting when using the App outside Hong Kong. By turning off IDD007 setting, IDD calls will be made through Customer’s mobile phone service provider and Customer shall be charged by their corresponding service providers for any IDD calls. 匯港電訊iPhone應用程式 – 國際長途電話撥號及世界時鐘 這項應用程式是專為經常到海外公幹的商務用戶,或是喜歡遊覽海外的人士而設。如您曾經因忘記某個國家或地區的海外撥號,或擔心時間誤差而猶豫致電海外的商業伙伴、親友或摯愛,只需下載此程式即可以輕鬆在iPhone查閱國際長途電話撥號及各地時間,致電海外從此一無掛慮!程式提供國家列表及快速搜尋功能,用戶可快速檢閱不同國家的海外撥號及時間,除了iPhone無需再四處尋找繁複的撥號及時區! 主要功能 •目的地搜尋:透過英文字母排列或輸入名稱快速搜尋國際長途電話撥號 •目的地時鐘:顯示您選擇致電的海外地方之現地時間 •提供撥號鍵盤讓用戶於搜尋後直接致電有關地區 •全面連接iPhone聯絡資訊:您可以輕易將任何儲存在iPhone聯絡資訊的電話號碼加到撥號鍵盤,直接致電給海外親友 •雙語用戶介面:中文及英文 長途電話收費 •我們可為使用此項應用程式的iPhone用戶一併提供匯港電訊IDD007服務,適用於接收本港網絡之流動電話用戶。使用匯港電訊IDD007服務的用戶需按照匯港電訊為IDD007服務所訂立之標準收費,支付有關的長途電話費用,而有關的通話時間亦會被閣下之流動電話供應商扣除。 國際用戶注意事項 此項應用程式只提供中文及英文兩種介面。用戶如在海外地區使用此程式,請關掉IDD007之設定。IDD007之設定一經關掉,長途電話通話將由閣下所屬之流動電話供應商提供,閣下亦需向其支付有關之長途電話費用。


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.0

Size: 2.65 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by WTT HK Limited

Day of release: 2010-12-23

Recommended age: 4+

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