What Happened on This Day in History?

This app is a complete database of interesting and remarkable facts about just about every topic from World History (both ancient and modern, and from ...

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This app is a complete database of interesting and remarkable facts about just about every topic from World History (both ancient and modern, and from all major cultures) for your mobile device! This is organized as a "fact of the day" application, so that you can quickly find out what the major events were in history on any day of the year (hint: great for birthdays!) Did you know that... ... On February 3rd, 1825, the Dutch North Sea coast flooded? ... On September 25, 1639, the 1st printing press arrived in the Americas? ... On May 7, 1962, the US performed an atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island? Ok, these are not the most useful facts in the world, but that's not the point. They're fun and interesting, and kids love them. Impress your friends with your quick access to interesting facts many topics in world history. The facts span ancient to modern history, and all the years between, and topics cover politics, war, science, the arts, discovery, and much more. A subset of the overall feature list for this application includes: - Advanced search for all facts. The top 100 facts are returned by the search engine. If you need a more finely-tuned search, simply add more terms into the search field. - Add/edit/remove facts, and access facts you added using My Facts. If you find that a fact is incomplete, you can edit it using your on-screen keypad, or add your own interesting facts that you may have heard. Never again forget that strange but true World History thingamabob that you overheard at a bar. - Rate facts on a 5-star system. Ok, so some facts about world history are more interesting than others. Once rated, the fact is much easier to access later since you can just tap on the "Top Rated" button (in the "More" section) - Mark your favorite facts, and them in the Favorites area. This is similar to the "Top Rated" feature, but with more direct access since the button is always-visible at the bottom of the screen. - E-mail any fact to a friend, and CC or BCC it, too. - Rename categories and add/remove categories. We've given you a starting point to help you categorize and organize your facts, but you can always add more, or change the default categorization. Also, you can put any fact in up to 2 categories, if desired. - "View All" facts for access to every item in the database. This can take a few seconds to load since there are a LOT of facts. - Use a simple "finger swipe" gesture to move from one fact to another, or use the previous/next buttons. Navigating this world history facts database has never been easier! - Insert a textual comment about the fact. For example, you may want to keep some notes about how to "present" the fact for maximum impact. Or, perhaps you would like to keep track of where you heard or read the fact. - The history feature keeps a log of what you've seen, so you can always go back to re-read that fact you remembered from days ago. - A Settings screen allows you to change the size of the history table. UPGRADES ARE FREE for apps created by Darren Gates COPYRIGHT & LICENSE INFORMATION The content contained in this app comes from a variety of public domain sources, including US government websites, Wikipedia Commons, public universities, and public domain archives. To the best of our knowledge, the images used in this app can be used in commercial products without license restriction. If you have questions about our use of this content, or if you believe that some of this content may be copyrighted, please contact Darren Gates at darrengates@gmail.com


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 8.04 MB


Price: 0,93 €

Developed by Darren Gates

Day of release: 2013-08-21

Recommended age: 4+

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