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An interactive decision tool: WhichTest the App is an interactive tool to help you decide what sort of statistical analyses will be suitable for analysing ...

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An interactive decision tool: WhichTest the App is an interactive tool to help you decide what sort of statistical analyses will be suitable for analysing various kinds of data. The app starts by asking the purpose of the study you have in mind and then further questions, in a user-friendly way: Just tap the answer that best fits as you go along. User-friendly examples and explanations: At every step of the way there are examples and further explanations about different types of data, measurement scales and study designs. And you can also look up common statistical tests in the glossary. So it is more than just a stats selection tool - it is also a stats tone-up. Tried and tested: WhichTest the App is an improved version of the web site WhichTest.info, which has gathered user feedback over several years. The creators of WhichTest the App have listened to the feedback from users of the web site. We have based the design of WhichTest the App on addressing as many as possible of users’ suggestions for improvements. We also conducted focus groups with clinical psychology trainees and practitioners. Popular features: Features that WhichTest the App retains that users of the web site really liked include its: Ease of use Quick moves between different pieces of information to answer your questions and satisfy you curiosity Straightforward explanations of statistical ideas and concepts Reference to academic sources, providing references to texts and other sources for you to consult further Worth paying for: WhichTest the app is a user-friendly interactive stats tone-up that costs less than most stats text books. Use it to match analyses to a potential or real study, or look up common stats tests in the glossary. Better than WhichTest the web site: WhichTest the App starts with the aims of the study - a more natural place to start than the data sample - and takes you through data and measurements to the choice of statistical test Increased glossary and inclusion of statistical tests in the glossary We got rid of missing links and ‘no advice’ pages We added more information about the uses of the statistical tests A back-up for stats teaching: WhichTest the App is designed to complement your university or college statistics training by providing a good basic conceptual understanding of key statistical ideas and analyses. It is most closely geared to clinical psychology but is likely to be applicable to a number of other areas of applied psychology and related activities. Users of the web site came from a wide range of academic and applied fields. The authors: The lead author Dr Sue Holttum is a research psychologist with over ten years’ experience of teaching and supervising doctoral level clinical psychology research. Dr Jerry Burgess is a clinical psychologist who has worked in the USA and UK and has both academic and clinical research experience.


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