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White Fang by Jack London (ebook)

**** Release Special Price **** White Fang is the title of a novel by United States author Jack London. The novel was first serialized in The Outing ...

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**** Release Special Price **** White Fang is the title of a novel by United States author Jack London. The novel was first serialized in The Outing Magazine in May to October 1906. It is the story of a wild wolfdog's journey toward becoming civilized in Yukon Territory, Canada, during the Klondike Gold Rush at the end of the 19th century. White Fang is a companion novel (and a thematic mirror) to London's best-known work, The Call of the Wild, which concerns a kidnapped civilized dog turning into a wild animal. Much of the novel is written from the view-point of animals, allowing London to explore how animals view their world and how they view humans. White Fang examines (sometimes graphically) the violent world of wild animals and the equally violent world of supposedly-civilized humans. The book also explores complex themes including morality and redemption. White Fang has been adapted into a movie numerous times, including in 1991. Plot Summary The story begins before the three-quarters wolf-dog hybrid is born, with two men and their sled dog team. The men, Bill and Henry, are stalked by a large pack of starving wolves over a course of several days. Finally, four more teams find Henry, after all his dogs have been eaten and Bill has been killed, in a ring of coals from his fire in an attempt to keep the wolves away. The story then follows the pack, who have been robbed of their last prey. When the pack finally manages to bring down a moose, the famine is ended; they eventually split up, and the story now follows a she-wolf and her mate, One Eye. The she-wolf gives birth to a litter of five cubs by the Mackenzie River, and all but one die from hunger. One Eye leaves the she-wolf because he is killed by a lynx while trying to rob it's den for food for the she-wolf and her cub. And the surviving cub and the she-wolf are left to fend for themselves. The she-wolf later discovers his remains near the lynx den. The cub comes across five Native Americans one day, and the she-wolf comes to his rescue. One man, Grey Beaver, recognizes the she-wolf as Kiche, his brother's wolfdog, who left during a famine. Grey Beaver's brother is dead, so he takes Kiche and her cub, christening the cub White Fang. White Fang has a harsh life in the Indian camp. The current puppy pack, seeing him as a wolf, immediately attack him. He is saved by the Indians, but the pups never accept him, and the leader Lip-lip marks him out for special persecution. White Fang grows up becoming more savage, morose, solitary, and a deadly fighter, "the enemy of his kind."


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