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Who@ is the Ultimate Business Development Machine What we do: Who@ is a unique, private and faster way to help you maximize the value of the relationships ...

Discontinued App


Who@ is the Ultimate Business Development Machine What we do: Who@ is a unique, private and faster way to help you maximize the value of the relationships stored in your phone to get the best introductions. It is not just a mobile application, but an entire platform + private marketplace for introductions and referrals based on privacy and trust. Who we help: Quite simply, people who value a trusted introduction. Who@ can help you and your team close deals, raise money, help you network to find a job or anything else where a relationship makes a difference How We’re Different: Unlike other sites, Who@ is not a place where you aggregate all your public social media oriented relationships. Those were built for all the public to see, but your best contacts are the private ones in your phone. With Who@, they stay private and you remain in control. A lot of times, people want to network privately so their competitors, employers, peers and customers aren’t able to see their activities. With Who@, all those relationships are available to you, even if they’re not members of Who@. This is a free download, but how do you make money: We are a freemium, subscription based model with zero advertising. You get 5 accepted introduction requests each month for as long as you are a member. Simply upgrade if you need more than 5 accepted intros a month. That’s accepted requests, not just requested intros. During this limited public beta, you get unlimited requests. Corporate discounts available in volumes. Who can search on your contacts, who’s contacts can you search: Our brand promise is trust. We don’t want random people pinging on us for intros and you don’t either. Only people in your company, groups you opt into and friended accounts (coming soon) can search on your contacts and vice versa. No one else. Our upcoming WishList is a sister app. It is a matching service that will expand those borders and will be available in the next 30 days. Key Features: - Sync your contacts to your own Who@ vault to start your network - Share with your coworkers whose email addresses are in your phone - Privately search your network’s contacts and request introductions - When you receive an Intro Request, Accept if you want to help that colleague - Or Deny an Intro Requests and stay completely anonymous, thus protecting your relationships - Add optional Group Codes for organizations that wish to network faster together. ( Codes must be requested for now viasupport@whoat.net ) - Go forth and prosper! Remember, Who@ allows you to search your network’s relationships while the relationship owner stays anonymous until they agree to help you with your request. At no point is the target’s contact information revealed Awards we’ve won even while still in private beta: Austin A List Start Up Knowedge@Wharton Top 10 Innovation Award Download Who@ now!


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Version: 2.0.191

Size: 8 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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