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Who@ WishList - a quid pro quo networking service based on mutual interest, trust and privacy ================== What it does ----------- Who@'s ...

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Who@ WishList - a quid pro quo networking service based on mutual interest, trust and privacy ================== What it does ----------- Who@'s WishList matches you with people that can help you and who you can help in return, and who pass trust filters you each independently set up. Who@ enables the fastest, most trusted introductions, delivered in a very unique and private way so you’re never put in an uncomfortable position. We never reveal your ID, only you do after you learn enough to opt in. There’s also no way to connect your other social media relationships like most sites out there. There's no other service like the WishList and none delivers a more powerful way to get the fastest, most trusted introductions. Background ---------- Professionals often get introductions by helping each other. They exchange introductions to the people or companies they are seeking. Critical to this process is finding the right people to exchange with and establishing trust with them. Wouldn't it be great if this could happen more efficiently and privately? Enter Who@. How it Works ----------- Create a WishList of the companies or titles you seek + add privacy filters to limit who you want to network with. Who@ matches WishLists with other members where you can help each other + they've passed the privacy and trust filters you've set up so you don't deal with random people if you don't want. Plus you see what their “ask” is before your ID is revealed and if you don’t like it, then delete it and remain anonymous. These privacy and trust filters you set up limit who you're matched with ranging from: - anyone (least trusted) - only people in your phone that you already know - only co-workers in your company - people who you know in common via our NameGame (none of those people have to be Who@ members by the way which again unique) - or (coming soon) people who are near you or groups you both join or any combination thereof. You’re in total control. Once created, your WishList is matched with other WishLists in the system meeting each member’s criteria. You can then view a list of potential matches. If you're interested in exploring a possible relationship further, request to meet them, or accept an incoming request someone sent you. Remember, only after initiating a request or accepting a request is your ID revealed. If you decline or cancel, then your ID is never revealed. If Privacy is Key Here, What Data is shared? -------------------------------------------- When a connection is accepted on both sides, only the contact info from the profile you set up is exchanged (nothing else). You can follow-up with the other member and discuss ways to help each other. None of the data for your contacts, or that of the other party, is ever shared via Who@. Of Note ------- Due to the closer, more trusted nature of the relationships in our phone or contacts in our email accounts, none of the contact data is based on any public networking sites. We’re fans of those sites for many business cases, but connections made online in the public square are rarely as important or trusted as the ones in your phone or email account.


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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