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Who Loves Baby

WHO LOVES BABY? Add a personal message to each picture within a darling photo album for your child. Remind your children everyday who loves them! * ...

Discontinued App


WHO LOVES BABY? Add a personal message to each picture within a darling photo album for your child. Remind your children everyday who loves them! * Create an album using pictures you already have on your phone * 10 cute frames will delight your child * Customize or choose from a list of names to personalize each photo: “Grandma Loves Baby!” (psst…your school ager can practice spelling!) * Tap the picture to hear a message “Grammie loves you!” * Record your own message - each picture in the album can have its own unique message. Your child can tap the picture to hear a message made just for them: “Grammie thinks you are so smart and loves you to pieces!” Babies LOVE faces, especially those they recognize. Toddlers love to see their family and friends. Children of all ages love to hear enduring messages from those who love them the most. Who Loves Baby? EVERYONE loves you, baby! And now your little one will be able to flip through a picture album, tap each picture to hear a message, and be reminded of it all the time! We all know how important family and friends are. Unfortunately sometimes those we love are far away. Who Loves Baby brings them closer together. Everyday your child can hear Papa’s voice, see Daddy’s silly face, or even a favorite dog at Uncle’s house. Who Loves Baby will help your child learn names and recognize faces. Most importantly, Who Loves Baby will make your child feel special. Wouldn’t we all enjoy hearing how much we are loved everyday? The setup is easy. You will create an album by adding pictures you already have on your phone. If you need to crop or resize the photos, no problem. Every photo will have a label that you can customize. Every photo will include a message. Want to change the message? No problem. Just push record and talk! Even my 1 year old can use this app! She taps the picture to hear the message (sometimes we hear the same message a LOT!). When she is ready to see the next picture I say, “Slide it”. She swipes her finger across the screen and squeals with excitement when a new picture appears. She loves it! My 3 year old can use Who Loves Baby independently. She can find the icon, tap START, flip through the album, and listen to everyone’s message. From the backseat while I am driving we practice names, spelling, and tell stories about each person. To further engage her, I sometimes switch topics, “What color is Auntie’s hair? What does that color remind you of?” Your child will never get tired of Who Loves Baby? You can surprise him or her with new photos or messages. In the waiting room, car, or shopping, Who Loves Baby will always entertain your child. I hope that Who Loves Baby brings even more fun and love to you, your family and children.


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