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Whopping ABCs with Animals for iPhone

Another Whopping Apps release with an educational twist! ABCs with Animals is an interactive picture book for learning English vocabulary and letters ...

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Another Whopping Apps release with an educational twist! ABCs with Animals is an interactive picture book for learning English vocabulary and letters with stunning photos of different kinds of animals. The app is meant for toddlers and preschoolers who take their first steps of either speaking or letter recognition. With this app, kids can easily learn by themselves without even noticing that they’re learning. There is nothing too complicated in the functionality, just tapping, watching, and listening (and learning!) Tap a letter button, watch a photo, and listen to the narrator. As us parents know, learning includes lots of questions, like “what do polar bears eat?” For these crucial “parental brilliance moments”, ABCs with Animals has a seamless Wikipedia integration, so parents can easily read the answers for the arising questions and keep their status as an all-knowing mom or dad! :) FEATURES ✔ 170 beautiful photos of different kind of animals ✔ Common animals, as well as exotic species ✔ Narration with a clear, pleasant voice ✔ Links to Wikipedia to learn all about the animals ✔ Retina graphics supported (960x640) ✔ All photos and sounds work even when offline INSTRUCTIONS The user interface is very easy to use. Just tap a letter and a beautiful photo of an animal starting with the corresponding letter is shown. A clear and pleasant voice says e.g. “B as in bumblebee.” Tap the photo again to close the photo and go back to the letter menu. There are 6 letters per page, swipe back and forward to see more. There are many animals behind each letter button, and the image is chosen randomly. On the last page there is a big random button, which gives you a random photo from the whole collection. From the main menu you can visit our Facebook site or download other Whopping Apps or rate ABCs with Animals. These buttons are revealed, when the “parents tap here” button in the top right corber is being held down for 3 seconds. Also the revealed buttons must be held down again for 2 seconds, before they really do anything. The main menu also has a Whopping News box for information about other Whopping Apps releases and funny – and sometimes even useful – information. Tap the big round green blinking button to start the app. Background music can be turned off from the device's Settings menu. THE WIKIPEDIA LADYBUG Tap the ladybug at anytime to open an internal web browser to see a full link collection to Wikipedia. The link collection is a perfect way to learn more about the animals included in the selection and to see even more pictures. Tap the red cross to close the internal browser. This feature naturally needs an Internet connection, but all of the interactive content (like photos and sounds) is wrapped inside the app, so they work offline too. You can choose to disable the Wikipedia ladybug’s functionality from the device’s settings. ★★★ Built for kids, tested by kids, enjoyed by kids – and parents! ★★★ FUTURE PLANS ★ ABCs with Machines and other cool “little boy oriented” stuff will be released soon. ★ Remember to rate 5 stars if your kids like it. It keeps us (the author with three toddler “developers”) busy. And remember to check out other Whopping Apps too. ★ Visit our webpage for support, news, and other stuff. OTHER WHOPPING APPS Remember the other super popular Whopping Apps – exciting videos and photos about trains, diggers, fire trucks, puppies, frogs, planes, and sports cars. Just search “Whopping” in the App Store!


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Version: 1.0

Size: 72.44 MB


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Developed by Appsipaja Oy

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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