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- Top 10 over Best free games 2012 in Sweden - Recently "Game of the week" in "Appguiden" "An awesome wordgame" "An actual challenger to "Wordfeud"" "It ...

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- Top 10 over Best free games 2012 in Sweden - Recently "Game of the week" in "Appguiden" "An awesome wordgame" "An actual challenger to "Wordfeud"" "It goes without saying: in Wickpick all wordgame geeks have a real treat to get their teeth into" / Aftonbladet Appguiden - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - WICKPICK - The ultimate word game. Vocabulary, strategies and chance in a unique mix makes this the most strategic, smart and exciting word game ever. Wickpick is easy to learn and it has a wide audience in almost all ages. If you love word games or crosswords, you have to try this! - Spin the wheel - Pick a letter - Create words - Crush your opponent You each have your own board to create words - tile by tile - across and down. You spin the wheel and get to choose tile every other time. Here's the catch - you have to put your opponent's choice into your board as well. It’s all about building the most valuable words and get the highest score! For unlimited variations there´s the Double & Triple Board where you get double and triple score on randomized Double & Triple Word tiles. You can spin and play whenever you want, and while you´re waiting for your opponent to make the next spin, you can plan your board by making notes to help you remember your strategy. There´s also the chat where you can text each other. After each game you can see your opponent´s board and compare how well you used the same letters. You are constantly challenged by yourself, your opponent and chance. Plus, you get a richer vocabulary for each time you play and discover words you didn’t know existed. But, that's just a bonus. The point is that you should have fun and outclass your friends (and enemies). Features: - Two game boards - Standard and the random Double & Triple - Invite new friends via text message, email or Facebook - Random Player - Find players among all players - Single Player - You can play against yourself to beat your own best score - Chat with your opponents - Make notes on your board to remember your plans - Check your current words during the game - See you Opponent´s board - Statistics - Current dictionaries featured in Wickpick - English, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish (SAOL) Just spin and play! For more information visit wickpick.se Join us at Facebook and share your scores and highlights with other Wickpick players! Application development by Appanero.


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