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Wild Chords

Wild Chords makes learning to play the guitar easy, fun and motivating. The game is played with a REAL guitar! Wild Chords the Number 1 Music App in ...

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Wild Chords makes learning to play the guitar easy, fun and motivating. The game is played with a REAL guitar! Wild Chords the Number 1 Music App in 34 Countries. *** Winner of over 20 international awards*** *** Winner of SXSW 2012 and Midem 2012 *** *** Best European Learning Game *** *** Sunday Times "Worlds Best Apps 2012 List *** Wild Chords includes: - Wild Chords is played with ANY REAL guitar - The iPad microphone is used to listen and analyze the played notes and chords. - 100 songs (from very simple beginner songs to more advanced songs, scales,...) - Some well known songs like "Monkey in the Jar", "If you're hairy", and many more - guitar tuner - Tips, tutorials and suggestions for beginners - Profile to track your progress and caught animals "Wild Chords is One of the Coolest Things I've Seen the iPad Do" - TouchArcade If you like Wild Chords, you might like our other products: - GuitarTuna (worlds most popular guitar tuner) - GuitarBots “Wild Chords for advanced players” Thanks all for sharing your success stories with us. We are blown away with the results you achieve on your guitars. Keep sending us those stories, they totally boost our motivation! Your Ovelin team, feedback@ovelin.com PLAYED WITH A REAL GUITAR Wild Chords is a casual music learning game, suitable for beginners of all ages. It teaches you the most popular chords, and also includes melody and scale exercises for lead guitar playing. The game is played with a real guitar (acoustic or electric), and requires no additional equipment to be played. The iPad recognizes each chord and note you play, and tells you whether you're playing right or wrong. NO PREVIOUS GUITAR EXPERIENCE NEEDED To play the first exercises you don’t need any previous guitar experience. Master one level, and you unlock the next one. The following levels are just slightly harder than the previous ones, so you can pass them after a few tries as your skills improve. Some of the final exercises (Demo package) are hard enough to even get guitar teachers to sweat! HYPNOTIZE THE ANIMALS AND SAVE OVELIN CITY Ovelin city has been taken over by escaped zoo animals. Fortunately, the animals can be hypnotized with guitar music, and then lured out of the city ("Modern Pied piper of Hamelin"). Now it's your task to help Giuseppe save Ovelin city. It’s fun, challenging, and the best thing is, you really learn to play the guitar! SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK, IDEAS, WISHES and EXPERIENCE Our vision is to make the world a more musical place, and help people to learn to play a music instrument. Please let us know what you think about Wild Chords, and if you have any feedback. - We want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly - What doesn't work, what is not fun, where did you have difficulties - What ideas do you have, what wishes (for exercises, features, visuals,...) - Please also tell us about your success moments with Wild Chords, we love to hear those! - If you dislike the game, please tell us why, so we can improve it. Please don't give 1-star ratings if you already are a good guitar player and find the levels too easy, or if you don't have a guitar at all to play the game. -> send your feedback to: feedback@ovelin.com Follow us: Twitter: @ovelinbird Facebook: /ovelinbird Like Wild Chords on Facebook: /Wild Chords ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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