Discontinued App


This spelling app is different from all others available on the app store in two crucial aspects: YOU create the words in the test and you can E-MAIL ...

Discontinued App


This spelling app is different from all others available on the app store in two crucial aspects: YOU create the words in the test and you can E-MAIL YOUR CREATED TESTS to as many people as you like! If this interests you, read on…. Learning to spell is, typically, a bit of a bore. Dull lists of words on paper that you have to pore over before having someone test you. Wouldn’t it be nice if the process of learning to spell was more fun and interactive? The aim of iWillSpell is to alleviate that boredom and to make learning to spell more interesting and convenient. You can be sitting at home, on the bus, or taking a break at school - as long as you have your iPhone or iTouch with you, you can be brushing up on your spelling wherever you are! It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young; everybody has words they need to learn how to spell. Unlike other spelling applications, iWillSpell doesn’t use preset lists of words. Instead, you create as many spelling tests as you like by typing the words and then verbally recording each one. During the test, you will hear the word spoken and it’s up to you to type the correctly spelled version. At the end of the test, you’ll be shown how well you did and, if you made any mistakes, which words need practice. The most amazing aspect of this app is one that separates it from all the rest on the market: iWillSpell allows you to e-mail your created tests to your friends or, if you’re a teacher, your entire class. How convenient is that? You create the test, send it to your students, and they can e-mail their results back to you. All from one easy to use app! The user interface has been streamlined to make this the easiest to use spelling application you can find. There are no cumbersome menus and options screens; simply make your list of words and you’re all set to take your test. iWillSpell allows you to store as many tests as you like, and each test can have as many or few words as you like. Please note, though, that if you’re using an iTouch to create the test, its lack of a microphone will require you to have a recording device attached, such as the iPhone headset, in order to record the words (but you could always have someone e-mail the test to you!). Are you learning a new language? iWillSpell can help out there, too. The verbal and written words in iWillSpell don’t have to be the same language; write the words in one language, record in another, and Bob’s your uncle. For the Secret Squirrel types, you could even learn your code words with this app. You won’t find an easier or more interactive way to learn new words than iWillSpell.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.31

Size: 1.2 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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