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****** The WA-trix app is being offered FREE for a promotional period. ****** The WA-trix Wine Aroma Matrix app is a set of two wine aroma charts where ...

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****** The WA-trix app is being offered FREE for a promotional period. ****** The WA-trix Wine Aroma Matrix app is a set of two wine aroma charts where the wine aromas have been grouped together based on the color of the fruit / flower / spice / herb that is responsible for creating the aroma. The Wine Aroma Matrix was created based on the author’s repeated observations of noticing red fruit aromas, black fruit aromas, and blue fruit aromas when tasting red wines. The color based format of the WA-trix aroma charts is very helpful in efforts to identify wine aromas by combining the use of our “olfactory” and “visual” senses and memories. Our natural ability to use two or more of our human senses together at the same time is known in neurological science as “cross-modal association”. The ability we have to experience ‘color impressions’ associated with the aromas found in wine is a direct result of the cross-modal association between our olfactory and visual sense - which in turn makes it easier to identify wine aromas. This method of using an ‘aromatic color perception’ as an intermediary step during aroma identification provides an ergonomic stepping stone that enables wine enthusiasts to be more EFFICENT and more ACCURATE in identifying wine aromas. >> EFFICENCY in aroma identification is helped in large part by reducing the full list of wine aromas to a much smaller sub-set of wine aromas associated with the single identified color of interest. >> Enhanced ACCURACY in wine aroma identification results from the stimulation of cross-modal neural connections that link the aroma memories and color memories of specific aromatic compounds. The Wine Aroma Matrix app includes the following two wine aroma charts. 1) Fruit and Floral Wine Aroma Matrix The first Wine Aroma Matrix lists the “Fruit and Floral” wine aromas which are grouped by the color of the fruits and the color of the flowers. 2) Earth and Spice Wine Aroma Matrix The second Wine Aroma Matrix lists the “Earth and Spice” wine aromas which are grouped by the color of the earthy substances and the color of the spices. The Science of Cross-Modal Association ------------------------------------------------------------------- Cross-Modal association is the pattern of how our brains naturally use sensory inputs from two or more of our human senses at the same time. The Wine Aroma Matrix is based on the cross-modal association of our vision and olfactory senses. For example, when you first tasted cinnamon not only did you learn the spicy aroma of cinnamon but you also learned the associated dark brown color of cinnamon spice. Our natural ability to cross-link and associate our vision and olfactory senses and memories greatly enhances our ability to recall and more accurately identify wine aromas. Multiple research studies documenting the natural pattern of cross-modal association between olfactory(aroma) and vision(color)can be located on the web by searching on: “cross-modal associations between odors and colors”. ============================== A hard copy version of the two aroma charts contained in the Wine Aroma Matrix app is available through: Vino Chapeau wineglass covers used to concentrate and enhance wine aromas are available through: © Copyright 2013 VinTools LLC


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