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WisMan KIOSK for Visitor Management

This Kiosk is for companies or sites, who have installed WisMan Visitor Management System in their premises. Visitors / hosts of these companies can ...

Discontinued App

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This Kiosk is for companies or sites, who have installed WisMan Visitor Management System in their premises. Visitors / hosts of these companies can do all visitor related registration and tracking using this Kiosk without manually doing these operations at a Reception desk. Guest login gives access to the Demo website. Server URL : http://lritech.com/online_center user_name : oprarya password : arya123 Activation Code : 123456 ***** You need to have WisMan installed on a server or on cloud to manage your own visitors and visits ***** WisMan Visitor Management application enables automation of all tasks related to registering and tracking visitors and hosts. WisMan suite contains these modules to provide seamless experience to all types of users on various devices - Admin, Security Desk, Kiosk, Online Center, Mobile App and Reporting modules. Supported features: -Very interactive and user-friendly touch screen menu -Self check-In for repeat visitors and temporary hosts -Fast check-In and check-out (without Sign-In) using Badge IDs - for both temporary employees and visitors -Pre-registered visitors can check-in with BadgeCode sent through mail -Ability to screen visitors against a pre-registered visitor list -Match against an internal watch list keeps unwanted or unauthorized people under control -Option for temporary badges for Employees -Authentication of visitors ensures right person does the right tasks -Runs on Apple iPad (Android Tablet support coming soon…..) -provides some device level settings that can be configured by Kiosk Admin(WisMan System Operator) -Power save mode : If turned on, then brightness of device get dim after idle time in order to save battery charge of kiosk. -Brightness level : can adjust device brightness level from app itself. -Idle time : After this time app will return to its home screen. -Idle time reset alert : If turned on, it shows two options "Reset alert time limit(in seconds)" and "Reset alert text". This setting provides a way to notify user with an alert before "reset alert time limit" and with a message that if he/she is still there or not. So that user get an option to escape automatic logout and going to home screen. -Screen saver : If turned on, Kiosk Admin can browse and set images for screensaver. The screensaver will appear when device becomes idle. -Email on power supply on/off : If turned on, shows an option to enter an email id, to which an email with battery status details of kiosk will be delivered when power supply is turned on/off. This will allow Kiosk Admin to remotely monitor the kiosk.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 8.07 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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