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If you could receive guidance for any area of your life, which would you choose? Love? Money? Career? Maybe you just want to understand what you’re ...

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If you could receive guidance for any area of your life, which would you choose? Love? Money? Career? Maybe you just want to understand what you’re going through today or wonder how to approach your significant other about an issue. Would you like to figure out the best way to get that promotion? You can ask a bunch of your friends for their opinions about your life or wait for an appointment with a psychic but you don’t need to. Besides, you’ve done those things before, you already know it only creates more confusion. Well, no more of that for you. Clarity and inspiration are just a touch away with this iPhone and iPod Touch app! Tap immediately into these beautifully illustrated Wisdom Cards to gain insight into any situation. It’s as easy as taking a few seconds to quiet your mind and pick a card. Your advice will be instantly revealed. Why not use it first thing every morning to get off to the perfect start? Don’t forget to watch for amazing synchronicities as you go about the rest of your day. There is a purpose for everything in our lives and that goes for these Wisdom Cards, too. They offer thought-provoking advice and affirmations meant to inspire you to see your challenges from a higher perspective. Helping you to align in body, mind and spirit, these cards give you direction and access to the answers within you. Once you experience them, you’ll want to take advantage of their wisdom to assist you with improving your life on all levels. Co-written by best selling New Age author, Diana Cooper and business coach Greg Suart, Wisdom Cards will help you gain personal growth with a daily tap of a card. Features • This deck has 54 colorful, scenic cards bearing images of stars, mountains, an owl and eagle that alone are inspirational • Each card has a meaningful, insightful message of guidance, as well as a reinforcing affirmation to help advance you in a very powerful way • The Wisdom Cards app is easy to use, just shake your iPhone or iPod Touch or you can tap the owl on the front of the deck • You have the option of viewing the previous card before choosing a new one, which is great if you are dealing with an ongoing situation or striving to reach a goal Why wait? Get the answers you’re looking for right now. It’s never been so easy, fast or inexpensive to gain access to your personal guidance and wisdom.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 1.86 MB


Price: 1,99 €

Developed by Findhorn Press

Day of release: 2009-07-15

Recommended age: 4+

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