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Women Fertility & Menstrual Cycles

************************************************************************** If you are a woman, ever wondered if your period will start on the first day ...

Discontinued App


************************************************************************** If you are a woman, ever wondered if your period will start on the first day on your next vacation!!! or do you want to have a baby and know when is the best time for your body to accommodate that biologically!!! ************************************************************************** if your a man; does your wife mood gets unusual during a certain period in the month!!! and you just do not know when!!! or do you find it unpleasing why is she avoiding you physically during that period!!! ************************************************************************** Knowing yourself and others better, will surely pave the road to happiness, understanding and love ... ************************************************************************** This application provides women and men with a tool to calculate the dates of the menstrual cycles. It accepts the average duration of cycles set between 26 - 32 days. It illustrates the beginning dates and the ending dates for 13 consecutive menstrual cycles for women. It also states clearly for each of the 13 cycles, the dates of the three parts of each cycle: 1. The first part: Menstrual - infertile. 2. The second part: fertile part. 3. The third part: infertile part. The application is designed to calculate the dates for average periods-durations of 26 - 32 day, so the operator has to set the duration along the date of the first day in the starting cycle. The application works for women to use as a fertility-awarness tool. And even as a fertility controller method, if the period is regular; between 26 - 32 days. Also, men can use it to avoid embarrassment and to understand women swinging moods better and to understand their plans and situation physically and biologically. **************************************************************************


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 141.57 KB


Price: 1,81 €

Developed by appstolive

Day of release: 2011-04-20

Recommended age: 4+

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