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Tired of the perpetual 24/7 Washington spin cycle? Wonky Chart adds an ingredient too often missing from policy and political discourse these days...reliable ...

Discontinued App


Tired of the perpetual 24/7 Washington spin cycle? Wonky Chart adds an ingredient too often missing from policy and political discourse these days...reliable facts, presented in 3000+ visually appealing, easy to navigate to and display charts. Want to know how much NASA spent in 1969, the year Apollo 11 touched down on the moon? The federal budget deficit in 1985? The difference between average union and non-union wages for factory workers? How much the federal government spends on major welfare programs? How much GDP declined during the terrible 4th Quarter of 2008? What percentage of the population lives in poverty? The current estimate of Warren Buffett's net worth? Last month's unemployment rate? The answers to those questions and thousands more are in Wonky Chart. Drawn from the most trustworthy sources available - the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Congressional Budget Office, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the IRS,The Department of the Treasury, academic studies from top American universities, and more - Wonky Chart finds and displays the unbiased facts you want in chart format with a few taps. KEY FEATURES * Tips on interpreting and sourcing for each chart * Full pinch motion capability to zoom in and out, swipe to view chart series * Flat, easy to grasp menu structure to speed navigation to the desired chart * Most financial data available in current and inflation indexed dollars and percentages * Full Glossary with definitions and profiles of government agencies and departments * Regular updates to add new charts, especially In Hot Currents * Universal application running on both iPhone and iPad * All charts download quickly * Video streamed from a dedicated server CONTENT Hot Currents - Charts and data based analysis of the issues everyone is talking about today Revenues, Spending and Debt - Present day and historic spending, deficits, and accumulated debt Federal Budgets - Annual budgets all the way back to 1962 broken down in a variety of ways Taxes - Who pays what and how much Income, Wealth & Poverty - Who earns what and how, the rich and super-rich, the poor and everyone in between The Economy - Gross Domestic Product, monthly and annual unemployment, union and non-union labor, corporate profits, postwar recessions and more Politics & Politicians - Which political party was in charge when, records by party and presidency on the economy and managing government Country to Country - How the U.S. stacks up to our peers on a variety of issues Landmark Laws and Decisions - Synopses of key laws and Supreme Court decisions USES The personal assistant that allows you to instantly inject reliable facts into a discussion anywhere at any time Check the accuracy of statements by politicians, news commentators and pundits from your favorite chair instantly An invaluable tool to research term papers, news articles and blog entries Post insightful comments on message boards; Tweet with the best The easy, fun way to bone up on public policies and issues Wonky Chart. The app that puts fact over fiction and on your screen in seconds.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.33

Size: 13.37 MB


Price: 0,91 €

Developed by Wonky Chart, LLC

Day of release: 2012-10-1

Recommended age: 4+

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