50% OFF SUMMER SALE A collection of three amazing apps to help you practice better and more efficiently. • Exercises - create and play along with your ...

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50% OFF SUMMER SALE A collection of three amazing apps to help you practice better and more efficiently. • Exercises - create and play along with your own musical exercises, for warm-up to or to improve your chops. • Maestro - A visual (as well as audio) metronome that inspires musical expression rather than mechanical execution. • Lessons - A place to record your lesson assignments and practice times, with a built-in stopwatch. Exercises: Write an exercise in standard music notation. Instantly change an exercise to Treble, Alto, Tenor or Bass clef. Another touch and you can play along on your Ab, Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, or E instrument. Set the tempo and looping: transpose up or down, and at what interval (m2, M2, m3, M3, P4, and tritone) or not at all. • Transpose your exercises to ANY tonic note. It will keep its theoretical relationships based on the tonic note. Fb tonic will have a Bbb as its fourth scale degree, a Bbbb if it's lowered, and a B if it's raised. • Double-Tap a note to add or subtract notes and rests, change a note to a rest or a rest to a note, or change its value. Adding will duplicate and insert the currently selected note or rest. • Change a note's pitch by tapping it, then use the staff, or piano keyboard to change the pitch. - Using the Staff (transposed for the current instrument): Drag the note up and down to change the pitch diatonically, drag right to raise and left to lower it a half step. Drag up and down to the right or left of the written note to keep the alterations as you drag. - Using the Piano (concert pitch): Swipe to move the keyboard, tap to play notes, touch & hold then slide to glissando. When you glissando up the keyboard, notes will be raised, when you glissando down, lowered based on the set tonic note. Using the keyboard to set specific accidentals is tricky, it's easier to use the staff. • Lock the exercise to keep from inadvertantly editing it as you swipe to scroll horizontally. • Saved exercises appear in a list with their name and a note to help you identify them. • Adjustable tempo and metronome with 0, 2, or 4 beat count-off. Maestro: A visual and audio metronome that inspires musical expression rather than mechanical execution. It is also the perfect 'silent' metronome. Be able to practice without the annoying tick, while keeping to a strict tempo. - Always know where you are inside the beat with the traditional musical beat patterns developed over ages of musical performance practice. These patterns are based on Max Rudolf's "Grammar of Conducting." Double tap to start. Swipe horizontally to stop. • Change the tempo from 10 to 300 bpm with Tap Tempo, drag gestures, and + & - buttons. • Simple and compound subdivisions of 31 different beat patterns: 1 through 12(3+3+3+3). • Set 0, 1, or 2 'pick-up' beats. Start playing at the beginning of the measure quicker. • Staccato, Neutral, Legato, and Reduced* styles of each beat pattern. • Performer's view and Conductor's view of the beat pattern. *The 'Reduced' style: The patterns automatically adjust when the tempo reaches a level that requires a different pattern. For example: a Legato 3 pattern turns into a 1 pattern while still clicking 3 beats. Lessons: Keep a record of your assignments for each lesson and easily record your practice times between lessons. Records lesson subject, teacher, current and next lesson dates, along with the lesson's assignment information. Between lessons, you can keep track of your practice times with the included stopwatch, or manually enter the times if you forget. To use the stopwatch, start the stopwatch and practice. If you need to take a break, hit pause, then resume when you're back. When you're done, select 'Save Practice Time' to automatically have it added to the list of practice times, tagged with the current date. Known issue (iOS7) After selecting the 'Instrument in' button to change the transposition, you need to rotate the iPad to have the popover appear in the screen.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 47.34 MB


Price: 4,16 €

Developed by Patrick Q. Kelly

Day of release: 2013-09-11

Recommended age: 4+

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