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After a hard day of work at the lumber yard, the Beaver Brothers, Bo, Bob, and Bubba, walked to their home in the pond near Beaver Dam. However, when ...

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After a hard day of work at the lumber yard, the Beaver Brothers, Bo, Bob, and Bubba, walked to their home in the pond near Beaver Dam. However, when they reached their home, they found that it had been washed away by the nearby waterfall. With winter only a few months away, the beaver brothers must rebuild their home using only the correct materials. Help them by spelling words made out of water, wood, and leaves before the materials wash away in the waterfall, too! Are you a word nerd? Is your love for letters becoming too much to handle? Here comes a word-building game that's frenetic, exciting, engaging and addictive, and will have you literally pumping your fists in joy each time you better your own score. Get ready to give your gray matter a workout and put your manual dexterity to the test as you race against time to create words in Word-A-Fall! "........... an enjoyable word game that focuses on the purist fun of creating words, rather than the many bells and whistles that other games throw in." - 148apps.com "Word A Fall Pushes Fun With Words Over The Edge" -  AppAdvice If you are a word game maniac, you are gonna love Word-A-Fall! 
Word-A-Fall requires a combination of concentration, quick-thinking, smart hand-eye coordination and strategy. You will have to work on maximizing your score while you race against time to master this brain-picking puzzler. Word-A-Fall is easy to play, difficult to master and totally addictive! Random letters which come floating down a waterfall need to be connected to form words before time runs out. The face of each letter tile shows a value from 1 to 10, based on which your score is decided. Every word spelled correctly earns you points. The more letters you string together, the bigger your score gets! If you aren't quick enough to grab the letters you need as they move down the screen, they just get washed away! 3 unique word-building challenges you just can't get enough of! 
Classic: Are you a newbie? Get started with this mode to prepare yourself for more action-packed gaming. Create as many words as you can in two minutes. WordSmith: Are you skilled in stringing together many letters? Go on, this mode is for you! To score points, you will have to submit words that have at least 4 letters. But remember, you still have only 2 minutes. 
Rushing Rapids: Fancy a challenge that gets tougher at every step? This is it! Letters come floating down faster with every word you submit. Once you start tapping on them, you won't stop till your fingers become sore! 8 Action tiles that can change the course of your game! Word-A-Fall's action tiles are real gamechangers! Grab the score boosters before you submit your words and make sure you steer clear of the dangerous ones. Positive Action tiles: 2W tile: Doubles your word value 3W tile: Triples your word value 4W tile: Quadruples your word value 10W tile: The most powerful tile in the game, which multiplies the value of your word by 10. +10 tile: Grab this one to add 10 seconds to the current time timer. Negative Action Tiles: -10 tile: Subtracts 10 seconds from the current timer Blind tile (pair of shades): Makes all the falling tiles disappear from the playing field for 10 seconds. During this time, you can still touch the playing field, but you can't see what you're touching! Bomb tile: The bomb tile clears your letter field. Word-A-Fall is sure to thrill word game maniacs with its addictive gameplay. Enhance your speed, vocabulary and thinking, while you work on maximizing your score. Outdoing your own scores and word count can be quite rewarding. Tweet your best word and get your friends to put their word building skills to the test. Word-A-Fall is an innovative, entertaining and engaging word challenge you just can't afford to miss!


Technical specifications

Version: 3.01

Size: 36.52 MB


Price: 0,93 €

Developed by Just Mobile Programs

Day of release: 2013-01-10

Recommended age: 4+

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