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Word Brain Teasers Pro

Word Brain Teaser Pro is a fun and compelling a unique tree style, addictive 4-in-1 game for all ages. ### Special promotional discounted pricing for ...

Discontinued App


Word Brain Teaser Pro is a fun and compelling a unique tree style, addictive 4-in-1 game for all ages. ### Special promotional discounted pricing for a limited time! More than just entertainment, it’s designed to improve visual acuity and pattern recognition skills critical for speed reading and scanning, which in turn are essential for academic and career success. **** One of the best unique custom word vocabulary builder, puzzle as well as quiz. ***** 4 plus 2 (advanced) games in one app ***** Nothing like it - 'Stands Out'-Best Reviews from the users ***** Good for kids, teachers, schools conducting word quiz show ***** Individual user score tracking and optional social buzz posting ***** Computer nerds - Are you ready to challenge your brain with complex ASCII word value option ascending or descending order? Go for it! ***** Customize the word levels of your own, deep dive and have unlimited fun! ***** Easiest way to learn English words quickly. Feel your brain in high gear! Word-Teaser tests your skills against timed challenges. Each challenge requires you to find words hidden in an animated background. The words can be displayed in their regular form, or with letters reversed, jumbled, truncated, or replaced with other symbols. Word-Teaser’s most exciting feature lets you create your own custom word-lists and play challenges based on your favorite topics – for example, animals, flowers, or science – or any other topics you can imagine. Word teaser is great for students who want to learn words in a specific subject. There’s also a leader-board that you can share on Facebook, to add a competitive dimension to the fun and keep things interesting. Players hone their vocabulary and spelling skills, while learning to focus and concentrate for long periods, making Word-Teaser popular among parents. New from Sulaba Labs, Word-Teaser comes in two flavors – Regular and Pro. Although many great features are available in all versions, custom word-lists and multiple-user functionality are offered only in Regular and Pro versions. Three other advanced features are offered only in the Pro version: ASCII letter-replacement, timer, and leader-board sharing. Optionally connect your mobile device to a big screen digital TV using digital HDMI adapter for custom word quiz family/school audience with individual user scores tracking. Great for teaching words to kids at home or school or public events. Still not sure? Want to watch video demo at http://www.sulaba.com/educational-game-apps/39-word-teaser-pro Requires iOS 4.0+. Best user reviews: ***** "good for learning the language or simply improving vocab and spelling skills. good for all ages. it is a word game but haven't seen anything similar to that one. thanks." - JANEPat (United States) Check our mindful apps creations at sulaba.com for games, business & lifestyle categories. Educational games: * Memory Puzzle - Numbers, Colors & Custom Picture Puzzle (3-in-1)-Mind Sharpener - Great review from macnewsworld. * Circuit Racer 3D & Circuit Racer2 3D - Best time to race with other bugies * Race Gear 3D - Race fun & drive safe * Block Smasher 3D - Action & Reaction Brick Breaker Game * Extreme Biking 3D * Street Racing 3D * Kart Racing 3D * Ring Toss 3D - Strategy master skills on focus & party fun * Eagle Quest - Life is circle - Eagle wants fish, Shark wants Eagle - Who wins at the end ? Eagle Player! * Egg Splash - Toddler & Kids favorite game Business & Lifestyle: * Sign Docs - "Unprecedented Flexibility" * Sketch & Speak * Autograph It - Cherish memories for forever! * Diary Journal Pro - Record Video,Voice,Text,Picture,Location & much more!


Technical specifications

Version: 3.4

Size: 13.41 MB


Price: 1,83 €

Developed by Sulaba Inc

Day of release: 2011-01-5

Recommended age: 4+

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