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Word Cloud Challenge 200

Word Could Challenge 200 is a fun way to associate vocabulary with the spoken word, by presenting the 200 most commonly used words in the English language. The ...

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Word Could Challenge 200 is a fun way to associate vocabulary with the spoken word, by presenting the 200 most commonly used words in the English language. The app expands on the original Word Cloud Challenge app, (which features 60 of the most common phonics-based vocabulary words as found in Sound Out Chapter Books). Word Cloud Challenge 200 features different vocabulary words than Word Cloud Challenge. The Results screen shows how the player did in the game just played (Latest), the previous score (tap Play 2, and the before that (tap Play 3). This screen shows the percentage of correct words on the first second, or third try. The percent of words that were not touched correctly after three tries are show under “Not yet”. The Admin Center allows a teacher to manage students or view the student results and past performance. Each game (Level) has ten target words plus five extra words. There are 20 levels, each containing 10 target words plus five extra words. The word list used for Word Cloud Challenge 200 also occurs in the Level 1 readers from High Noon Books. (www.HighNoonBooks.com). Although the readers are not required to play the game, the app can be used to introduce or reinforce the vocabulary in the High Noon Level 1 readers. Level 1: the, of, and, to, in, is, that, it, was, for Level 2: he, you, on, as, are, they, with, be, his, at Level 3: or, from, had, not, have, this, but, by, were, one Level 4: all, she, when, an, been, there, can, her, we, about Level 5: what, up, said, if, out, some, would, people, so, other Level 6: them, into, more, which, will, your, do, many, then, these Level 7: no, their, like, time, who, could, has, him, how, than Level 8: two, may, only, most, first, its, made, over, see, new Level 9: my, very, also, down, make, now, each, way, called, did Level 10: just, after, water, through, back, because, get, know, little, where Level 11: such, long, day, work, another, same, small, still, us, help Level 12: went, never, don't, why, school, asked, going, say, next, once Level 13: even, must, used, use, around, come, take, different, world, here Level 14: house, again, large, few, always, being, began, without, tell, along Level 15: much, our, years, things, came, right, think, off, away, own Level 16: between, important, something, want, however, both, big, during, high, children Level 17: before, too, any, look, great, should, find, found, life, those Level 18: home, put, states, food, under, men, left, land, last , until Level 19: good, me, go, well, man, old, place, part, every, three Level 20: might, thought, while, often, air, does, looked, mother, need, enough Distractors Level 1: such, long, day, work, another Level 2: went, never, don't, why, school Level 3: even, must, used, use, around Level 4: house, again, large, few, always Level 5: much, our, years, things, came Level 6: between, important, something, want, however Level 7: before, too, any, look, great Level 8: home, put, states, food, under Level 9: good, me, go, well, man Level 10: might, thought, while, often, air Level 11: the, of, and, to, in Level 12: he, you, on, as, are Level 13: or, from, had, not, have Level 14: all, she, when, an, their Level 15: what, up, said, if, out Level 16: them, into, more, which, will Level 17: no, been, like, time, who Level 18: two, may, only, most, first Level 19: my, very, also, down, make Level 20: just, after, water, through, back


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