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Word Cub Letters & Sounds

Word Cub makes phonics fun and builds skills to last a lifetime. We take the alphabet blocks we treasured as children and give them new life on your iPhone ...

Discontinued App


Word Cub makes phonics fun and builds skills to last a lifetime. We take the alphabet blocks we treasured as children and give them new life on your iPhone or iPod touch. Word Cub's blocks surprise and delight as they spin, talk and teach. We wish ours had done that! Busy parents will appreciate how Word Cub transforms life's idle moments on checkout lines and car rides home into learning time. Designed by parents of a gadget-loving four year old. Tested by a team of preschoolers. THREE ACTIVITIES-IN-ONE! LETTER MATCH asks how many letters can your child match? Act quick, before time runs out. Children receive gentle re-enforcement so they learn their letters faster. They'll delight in popping bubbles and hearts at the end of every game. The more they match, they more they get to pop. Contains over 200 words. WORD DISCOVERY explores how words are formed. A word appears, its letters immediately sound aloud. Sound any letter again with just a tap. Does your child know the word? They can check their answer with a simple swipe across. Want a new word? Just swipe down. Includes dozens of spoken words. SOUND MATCH challenges your child to tap the letter sounds they've learned. You'll be surprised how much they've picked up from the other games. The cheering crowd grows larger with every correct match. With over 200 words. Created by Dad the developer and Mom the teacher. Then run through many tests with preschoolers to make sure it was fun and easy to use. Any child showing an interest in letters and words will benefit. We've even received compliments from parents of special needs children. The mix of tapping letters, making them spin and hearing them speak has real appeal. WANT MORE? Visit preferences available via the 'i' icon on the main screen. We've hidden some powerful features there. Want to choose how letters display? Preferences lets you do it. Some parents choose uppercase for a child focused on letter-matching. We recommend you choose lowercase for Word and Sound matching. Lowercase letters prepare them for what they'll see in the their level 1 readers. Up for more challenges? Choose from a variety of phonetic concepts. Start with 'a,e,i,o & u'. Children see basic three letter words with short vowel sounds. Mastered that? Switch to some of the consonant blends. Now your child sees and hears how more complex words are formed. Concepts makes this app a lasting value. And for the groggy parent (that would be us) we offer in game help for all three activities in pictures, voice and words. We are a family run start-up. We appreciate your support. If you like us, rate us. And please tell your friends about us too.


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