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Chomp, chomp, chomp! Word Grab Phonetics is a playful and educational phonetic word game that wraps some serious learning in a sense of humor. Suitable ...

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Chomp, chomp, chomp! Word Grab Phonetics is a playful and educational phonetic word game that wraps some serious learning in a sense of humor. Suitable for children beginning to learn to read: from preschool to kindergarten and first grade. See the friendly monster munch letter blocks as you build words through phonetic associations. Collect three words to reward the monster with a crazy hat - and uncover a magical surprise. Word Grab Phonetics was created by the developers of the best-selling apps Shape-O! ABC's and Counting Caterpillar. ☆ COMPREHENSIVE PHONETICS Word Grab helps your child gain a phonetic understanding of the alphabet and letter combinations, including both long and short vowels, and hard and soft letters. They will practice with a wide variety of phonics in learning to correspond the sounds of language with the visual letters that represent them. Improve phonemic awareness: the ability to recognize that words are made up of individual sounds. Through the game play children blend sounds, build words, and create sets of rhyming words. Customizable settings make it easy to adjust tons of options to suit the individual needs of your child. ☆ WORDS, WORDS, WORDS! Word Grab features more than 250 words to expand vocabulary, each carefully selected to mirror educational standards . 200 crisp photographic images illustrate the words and provide thorough understanding and correspondence between sound, image, and written word. 200 storybook style sentences put the words in context to help with meaning and usage. Visual highlighting enables children to read along with the words and sentences as they listen to the clear, professional voiceover. ☆ A FRIEND AND GUIDE Stuck on something? Helpful hints are provided by the friendly monster. The alphabet and word hint cards provide tailored assistance. The friendly monster acts as an interactive companion: watch as it chomps up letters, falls asleep when ignored, wakes when tapped and throws confetti for a job well done. Uncover zooming helicopters, giant balloons, jumping frogs and more beneath its magical hat. This fuzzy friend serves to add dimension, companionship and forward momentum, maintaining the child's interest in game play. ☆ PLAYFUL LEARNING It's impossible not to smile at the friendly monster, the hilarious hats and the colorful scenes. There are 2 major levels of difficulty (in addition to the variety of individually customizable settings) - ABC Words and Rhyme Time. Each level features 3 scenes to explore, all beautifully illustrated and animated, with popping moles and long-legged flamingoes, outer space exploration and chugging trains. The reward activities (over 20 in all) are awarded at the completion of each set of words. Children give the friendly monster a funny hat to wear then uncover beneath it an interactive surprise! About Bellamon: At Bellamon we craft every app with meticulous attention to detail. The illustrations recall the simplicity of paper cut-outs and hand drawn lines. The custom music and sounds are put together by our own sound design team using real instruments, producing sounds which are fun and also pleasing to hear. We emphasize clear, high-quality voiceover. We believe that kids deserve the very highest standards of interaction design. As parents ourselves, we make apps that not only cover educational ground, but are also imbued with playfulness, encourage creativity, and give a feeling of accomplishment. The large, colorful game elements are designed for small fingers and intuitive game flow. We spend a lot of time thinking, planning and refining to get the balance between entertainment and education just right. We always work in consultation with education specialists, teachers, parents and most importantly, kids! Who says learning can't be fun? Bellamon! Serious learning with a sense of humor.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 209.51 MB


Price: 2,67 €

Developed by Bellamon

Day of release: 2012-12-10

Recommended age: 4+

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