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Word Pairs Game In or Out? Up or down? We can still remember the memory strategies that got us through these childhood conundrums. Milly and Billy ...

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Word Pairs Game In or Out? Up or down? We can still remember the memory strategies that got us through these childhood conundrums. Milly and Billy are two color-coded critters for a new generation with enough enthusiasm to have your child effortlessly learning through classic memory strategies. From back to front (another pairing your child will master), these two rodents are adorable, buck-toothed and engaging. Each scene pairs a word with its logical opposite. And these mice are already wildly popular; after a million downloads from Do2Learn’s website, Milly and Billy are now available on your iPhone and iPad. As your child plays, your device responds with an emphatic “Good job!” when the right answer is selected. This distinction is key – our apps truly teach and do not reward clicking just anywhere. Once your child selects all of the pairs correctly, they can root out the colorful rodent couple in a barnyard or beach scene. It’s the perfect ending to a lesson well-learned. And, multiple endings means your child will want to tap again and again. Designed by educators, illustrators and game innovators, Word Pairs features: •Sounds, highlights, and accentuating arrows that teach ideas effortlessly •Questions that randomly change with each game, keeping play fresh •Visual scoring using pieces of cheese to show both correct answers and questions remaining •Time Out that senses when a child needs teaching animations repeated •Playful animations and awesome environments Now, learning left from right doesn’t have to be a chore – nor a bore. About Do2learn For over fifteen years, Do2learn has provided engaging, interactive programs for children – we are hardly the new kids on the App Store block. Our tools are used in classrooms in all fifty states and in most countries around the world. Do2learn provides not only learning songs and games for children but also transition guides for employment and life skills for those with special needs and special abilities. Though effective for everyone, our games also help children with autism, attention deficit, and other disorders discover true academic success. Do2learn’s goal is to apply the latest learning styles to develop solutions that parents and teachers can use in their daily lives. Staffed by a team of educational and technical experts, our apps reflect cutting-edge techniques. Do2learn employs leading teachers and researchers – not marketing professionals. Our programs are evidence based and backed by solid research studies. But most importantly, we listen to parents and design apps to make their lives easier. Our apps are safe, educational distractions, perfect for when you’re trapped in a busy airport or check-out line. Do2learn respects the challenge and the joy of learning. Kids love our games, and we know that you’ll love to see them learn. Do2learn supports our results with widespread endorsements from state, federal and global educators. Check out our testimonials, publications, and research studies located at http://do2learn.com. And if you like Word Pairs, keep your eye on the App Store as we roll out more of our educational offerings.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 6.37 MB


Price: 1,83 €

Developed by Do2Learn

Day of release: 2012-03-6

Recommended age: 4+

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