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Never be at a loss for words again! Word Vault is the ultimate tool to help parents and professionals teach speech, language, and social skills. Access ...

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Never be at a loss for words again! Word Vault is the ultimate tool to help parents and professionals teach speech, language, and social skills. Access 30,000 functional words, sentences, and stories in 200+ categories with the touch of a finger. Quickly find functional words by sound, blend, place, syllable, or language concept through easy navigation. Word Vault contains: 87 Articulation Word Lists 80 Language Word Lists 30 Phonology Word Lists 26 Social Word Lists All word lists can be emailed as homework to a parent or caregiver. Word Vault makes teaching all areas of speech and language easier by: ARTICULATION Word Vault saves time by removing the spontaneous search for words with a specific sound or context by providing 87 articulation word lists organized by sound, syllable, and position (initial, medial, final, blend). Reduces wasted therapy time by displaying only words so students don’t get confused or distracted by abstract pictures. Helps at each difficulty level: Syllable Level - use the “Non-sense Syllables” list for quick practice. Imitated Word Level - no pictures makes the younger child have to imitate. Spontaneous Word Level - increases productions in the reading child. Sentence Level - client can create a sentence using the word on the screen or read from the “Sentences” list. Reading Level - “Shorter Stories”, “Longer Narratives”, “Problem Solving Scenarios”, “Social Scenarios”, and “Inferencing” provide quick reading material. Conversation Level - client can use all the words on the screen to tell a story or use “Conversation Starters”, “Story Starters”, or “Social Scenarios” as a prompt. Provides an easy way to email word lists as homework to a parent or caregiver. APRAXIA “Vowels” and “Nonsense Syllables” help you treat Apraxia at the lowest level and create syllables without missing any vowels. “Multisyllabic Words” can be used to help clients improve the planning, sequencing, and coordination of muscle movements for speech. FLUENCY & VOICE All lists can be used to practice reduced rate, easy onset, pausing and phrasing, and other speech and voice techniques. PHONOLOGICAL PROCESSES Over 425 “Minimal Pairs” lists are organized by sound substitution, which makes discrimination, auditory bombardment, and the phonological treatment approach easier. “Multisyllabic Words” provides common, functional words up to 5 syllables to practice advanced articulation. PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS The “Minimal Pairs” lists provide words to teach rhyming and manipulation of phonemes (addition, deletion, segmentation, and substitution). The “Multisyllabic Words list helps you teach Syllable counting and manipulation as well. LANGUAGE The Language Vault helps you teach language concepts and vocabulary to children and adults by providing 80 lists of words in the following areas: Categories - Animals, Body Parts, Breakfast, Classroom Objects, Clothing, Colors, Dairy Products, Dinner, Drinks, Fruits, Furniture, Holidays/Seasons, Insects, Jobs, Kitchen Utensils, Lunch, Meats, Musical Instruments, Places, Shapes, Sports, Tools, Transportation, Vegetables Language Concepts - Early, Quality, Quantity, Spatial, and Temporal concepts WH Questions - Who, Where, What, When, Why, & How questions “Following Directions” - sorted by “1-4 Steps” and “Conditional” so you can increase difficulty without even thinking. “Short Stories” and “Longer Narratives” help with reading comprehension, auditory comprehension, story grammar components, and writing. SOCIAL The 26 List Social Vault supplies the complete material you need to provide social language therapy. “Conversation Starters” can be used to practice pragmatic skills and narrative skills with a partner or a group, or be used to build rapport and prompt spontaneous speech during an evaluation.


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