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Word Walk: Short E Preschool Phonics

**Teach your preschooler to read with the Word Walk series of interactive story apps for iPad and iPhone **An app inspired by research that shows how ...

Discontinued App


**Teach your preschooler to read with the Word Walk series of interactive story apps for iPad and iPhone **An app inspired by research that shows how engaging children while reading together increases literacy achievement ------------- Children develop early reading skills by learning vowel sounds, rhymes, sight words and picture-word association. The Word Walk series was specifically designed to help children acquire these skills. The series uses the unique interactivity of the iPad and iPhone to draw attention to new learning opportunities. Each book's foundation is a carefully selected set of sight words and a core repeating vowel sound. There are also tap-able characters and objects that encourage picture-word associations; when your child touches the illustrations, descriptive words appear and are spoken. An extra tap-able “Letter Leaf” on each page repeats the vowel sound for the reader. (i.e. “I” makes the I sound in words like jig and pig.) In May 2012, NPR ran a piece on recent academic research that revealed how reading to children could be optimized: “Small Change In Reading To Preschoolers Can Help Disadvantaged Kids Catch Up”. The key conclusion of the study was that it is important to draw a child's attention to the text of a book, not just the pictures. The Word Walk books accomplish this goal with read-along auto word highlighting and the tap-able characters described above. In the book “Short E”, your child will join the main character, Jake, as he takes his daily walk and encounters new friends and experiences that repeat the “short e” vowel sound. Meet a hen and her ten chicks, one of whom needs Jake’s help getting back to the nest. Try out this first story and then purchase the other books in the Word Walk series. These apps are an essential tool in ensuring your child’s early reading success. Features: * Builds reading and phonics skills: vowel sounds, sight words, picture-word association, read-along with highlighted text * Interactive elements: when you tap on pictures, words appear and are spoken * Whimsical illustrations * Audio narration * 3 modes: - Autoplay - Plays like a movie with automatic narration and page turns - Read to Me - Automatic narration and manual page turns - Read Myself - Manual narration and page turns * Background audio * Universal app optimized for iPhone and iPad * Created by the mother of an app-loving preschooler * Free!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4

Size: 10.51 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by New Gravity Ventures, Inc.

Day of release: 2012-05-5

Recommended age: 4+

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