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won Honor: education class in China and Macau District rankings 1, Armenia 3, 5, 6, Taiwan, the United States District 9th. China the District Home Free ...

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won Honor: education class in China and Macau District rankings 1, Armenia 3, 5, 6, Taiwan, the United States District 9th. China the District Home Free total standings into the top 10, the single days downloads hot over a million. And new version of the ongoing development, we see everyone mentioned recommendations and opinions, your support, we will be bigger and good, please continue to pay attention to us, thank you. "Word I found I can not remember" (WordiSiR) is an English word search query with auxiliary memory software. Search my words, my review plan automatically generated, according to the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, using the law of human memory, and by several key memory cycle, my words into my long-term memory. Search a note. And Software features: 1, the software itself contains a large number of local lexicon (there are 32 total on G adjective thesaurus), and the constantly increasing local to query commonly used word, a variety of phonetic, live sound audio, in English Explanation , sentences, and so on. (More local lexicon please go to the official website of free download:, http://ddb.arwer.com) Online query provides more kinds of data sources (dictionary, thesaurus, Kingsoft, Youdao dictionary, etc.), the more word detailed content, massive network resources can continue the expansion of your thesaurus. 3, TTS computer pronunciation function, any English words can be read out, can switch between different pronunciation characters, change the pitch, transposition and speed. Query words automatically adding the word review plan, found a note. Ebbinghaus curve scientific memory, the memory of several key cycle, my words into my long-term memory. 6, in accordance with the Rule of Memory and review plan, only the date of the review to be review words remind effective review does not have to cost you a lot of time. 7 types of word tests will help you to deepen the understanding of the word and memory. 8, friendly interface and flexible software settings will give you the full experience. "The word I search my mind" is a good English word learning software. PC Edition and Windows Mobile phone version of the "bit by bit back the word" evolved. For more information please go to the software Home http://www.arwer.com understand. The △ currently follows the local lexicon: (1) "GMAT600 sub-vocabulary" 18.8MB (2) "GMAT600 points phrase" 299KB (3) "GMAT800 points often test vocabulary" 26.1MB (4) "GMAT800 points business management vocabulary" 9.8MB (5) "GRE vocabulary Advanced" 31.7MB (6) "GRE vocabulary Advanced under" 33.8MB (7) "CET vocabulary" 31.1MB (8) "CET vocabulary" 95.6MB (9) "College English self-paced tutorial upper and lower volumes" 86.9MB (10) "Business English" 53.3MB (11) "TOEFL 600 points word remember" 21.2MB (12) "TOEFL score of 600 single-word" 37.3MB (13) "New Concept English Book II" 22.3MB (14) "New Concept English Volume III" 37.9MB (15) "New Concept English Book IV" 37.7MB (16) "New Concept English" 16.7MB (17) "English common words" 51.4MB (18) "GRE Vocabulary" 141.7MB (19) "the latest TOEFL vocabulary" 79MB (20) "the latest TOEFL phrase" 541KB (21), "the latest IELTS vocabulary essential" 84MB (22) "two-way English Volume" 34.8MB (23) "two-way English Book II" 21.2MB (24) "two-way English Volume III" 12.8MB (25) "Foreign Trade English a" 43.2MB (26) "Foreign Trade English two" 41.9MB (27) "Foreign Trade English three" 45.6MB (28) "Foreign Trade English four" 44.6MB (29) "New Xu Guozhang English Volume" 5.5MB (30) New Xu Guozhang English Book II "7.8MB (31) "English professional Self specialist on" 72.8MB (32) English professional Self specialist "67.9MB ... The new thesaurus continuous production in ... All thesaurus can be downloaded for free from the official website: http://ddb.arwer.com


Technical specifications

Version: 3.1

Size: 32.17 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Arwer Software

Day of release: 2010-12-15

Recommended age: 4+

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