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Our more difficult 'Word 4 Morph Puzzle' is designed to stimulate a players knowledge of short words used in the English language. it looks easy, only ...

Discontinued App


Our more difficult 'Word 4 Morph Puzzle' is designed to stimulate a players knowledge of short words used in the English language. it looks easy, only using four letter words, but you have to morph the start word six times to get to the new word, that may mean changing a letter in the word once or even twice to achieve the desired outcome. Once loaded our puzzles are self contained and do not need WiFi or any external web connection for a player to use them. it is especially good for children in a classroom at the end of a lesson, when there is an odd ten minutes to fill. Our Word 4 Morph is designed to allow players the flexibility of playing any puzzle, in any order and the application will retain the correct entered words in each puzzle until the player presses the reset button on the Players Info Screen to clear them. Once an individual puzzle is selected the main puzzle solving screen appears. This screen contains the Word 4 Morph Puzzle square and six text boxes where the player can type in their answers. Answers may use proper names, plurals or verb forms ending with ‘s’ etc, but not swear words or acronyms or hyphenated words. Starting at the top text box (or Bottom), alter the top start word by only one letter to make an another proper word. If you get the correct morph answer a green tick will appear next to your answer, a red cross appears if the answer is wrong, tap on the text box again and re-type another try. Continue down or up until you completed the puzzle. Some letters in the morphing series may not need changing, while others may need changing twice to achieve the correct morphing sequence. If the iPhone/iPod Touch auto correction facility becomes annoying, a player may temporary turn it off in Setting/General/Keyboard/Auto Correction. A different little icon face will appear on the bottom of a puzzle on the main screen when a player has completed or tried it. The icon colour and shape will depend on the number of your answers in relationship to one, two, three or four correct answers Extra Sample Puzzles for iPhone or iPod Touch are located in the ‘View More Puzzles’ section on the Applications ‘Info Screen’ to give you an idea of the series of Bright Spark Puzzles to come. Please check out our 3guyssoftware web site for upcoming releases. Features: Colourful and friendly interface Retains all the words entered into the text boxes in every puzzle. Players can reset answers. Application contains samples of different forthcoming puzzles. Friendly face scoring icons to aid playing ability. Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.00 or later. Languages: English.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.00

Size: 4.09 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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