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WordSmart SAT/ACT WordSmart SAT/ACT is a series of practice tests designed to simulate the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Test), ...

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WordSmart SAT/ACT WordSmart SAT/ACT is a series of practice tests designed to simulate the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Test), and help prepare you to take them. It is made to be used in conjunction with the WordSmart Vocabulary building program. By utilizing both of these tools, you will increase your comprehension and SAT/ACT test score results. Getting Started Please read the topics below to quickly get started with WordSmart SAT/ACT. The introductory topics will give you the brief overview of the WordSmart SAT/ACT practice test. It requires just a couple minutes to get an idea of how each test will proceed with WordSmart SAT/ACT. Creating a User The first time you use WordSmart SAT/ACT, you'll need to create a User Name. Get started by clicking the Create User button in the middle of the screen, or at the bottom left menu. This will bring up the prompt to create a new User Name. Click on "Type A Name" and create your User Name. You may create up to a total of 4 User Names. Logging In After creating a user, click Login and select a User Name. This will take you to the Main Menu. Main Menu Taking a Test Click the Take Test button, and then Start or Continue. Read the instructions and answer the multiple choice questions by selecting the correct answer from the list of possible answers. This can be done either by clicking on the answers or by clicking one of the letter bubbles on the right hand side of the test. Use the passages, instructions, fullscreen, pause and next section buttons to navigate and assist during the exam. SAT The SAT practice test has 9 sections that consist of the following: 1. Essay - 25 minutes 2. Critical Reading - 25 minutes 3. Math - 25 minutes 4. Critical Reading - 25 minutes 5. Math - 25 minutes 6. Writing - 25 minutes 7. Writing - 20 minutes 8. Math - 25 minutes 9. Writing - 10 minutes ACT The ACT practice test has 4 sections that consist of the following: 1. English - 45 minutes 2. English - 45 minutes 3. Reading - 40 minutes 4. Science - 40 minutes Help The Help menu may be accessed at any time during the test, by clicking on the Help button on the bottom of the screen. View Results The Results screen may be accessed from the Main Menu, by clicking on Show Results. Sections of the test will be displayed on the left hand side, and correct and incorrect answers on the right hand side. Switch tests by clicking "switch test" at the upper right. You can also upload your test for review by a WordSmart tutor by clicking the upload button on the lower left. Options Use the options page to delete the current user or clear a test.


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