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Watch vocabulary and critical thinking skills explode with WordTNT! WordTNT was created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist to help children and ...

Discontinued App


Watch vocabulary and critical thinking skills explode with WordTNT! WordTNT was created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist to help children and adults develop better listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Packed with over 750 words, WordTNT is sure to make language dynamite. Research has shown that understanding word relationships, including synonyms and antonyms, increases both reading and auditory comprehension. Vocabulary comprehension is critical for inferencing and problem solving. WordTNT is great for special education students, individuals with dyslexia and anyone wanting to increase their vocabulary. Every word is available on the screen in text and in audio recording. You can hear each word while reading it. Vocabulary growth is so important for individuals with reading disabilities and these audio recordings allow everyone access to more words. Created by a Speech-Language Pathologist, all areas of stimulation were considered. The audio and timer can be turned on/off according to each individual’s needs. WordTNT supports the Common Core Standards in Language Arts by helping individuals to increase their understanding of word relationships and the nuances of word meanings. Understanding the difference between “I’m upset.” and “I’m furious.” is important when speaking, listening and reading. According to the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards, in order to build a solid language foundation for school and career success, individuals must possess the ability to comprehend and use language effectively. They must be able to clarify the meanings of similar words, understand shadings of meanings and word relationships (corestandards.org). WordTNT supports these standards and requires users to analyze vocabulary at a higher level. The skills learned in WordTNT are beneficial for: vocabulary building, expressive and receptive language skills, word finding difficulties, executive functioning, inferencing, specific learning disabilities, speech and language impairments, cognitive-communication skills, traumatic brain injury, stroke and aphasia. WordTNT offers three different games at easy, medium and hard levels. -Sort: Drag words into order according to their relationships. -Similar: Choose 2 words that are most similar to the target word. -Different: Choose 2 words that are different than the target word. -Race Mode challenges users to see how many sets they can clear in a given time. -Results are provided after each set, showing the number of sets cleared and the number of errors made. -Age range: 10 years old-adult


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