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*** SALE - 70% OFF - GET THIS GREAT APP NOW! *** iTunes Customer Reviews for WordUP: - “Love it” - “Powerful” - “Just what I wanted” - “Great for vocabulary building” WordUP Croatian is a bilingual dictionary and vocabulary-building app with full audio for Croatian language learners of all levels. Take your Croatian language ability to the next level with WordUP! A great app for studying Croatian or for when you travel to Croatia. Made by Mirai in partnership with Collins® Dictionaries. * Great Dictionary and Phrase Book Content WordUP Croatian contains: (1) an authoritative two-way (Croatian–English and English–Croatian) dictionary of over 10,000 words, and (2) a phrase book of over 2,000 commonly-used Croatian phrases. All words and phrases were compiled by Collins® Dictionaries and feature accompanying audio recordings by native Croatian speakers. Look up Croatian words or phrases using the simple search function. * Record & Compare WordUP boasts a truly innovative “Record & Compare” function, which enables you to record your own voice and compare it with the native Croatian audio. There is simply no better way to improve your pronunciation. * Playlists In addition, you can create Croatian study lists of your own words and phrases, and listen to the words in a playlist. This is great for improving listening comprehension while relaxing. * Flashcards With WordUP you can also view Croatian words and phrases as flashcards, which is a powerful way to help you retain the vocabulary. Two flashcard systems are offered: (1) a “Simple” linear flashcard system and (2) the “Leitner” spaced recognition system (SRS). * Quizzes Test yourself with timed and interactive quizzes. Choose the number of questions in the quiz, and get a quick gauge on how well you have retained the Croatian words and phrases learned. * History and Share Monitor your progress at a glance with the history function, and share any Croatian word or phrase with your friends and family with astonishing ease! * About Us Mirai specializes in creating language-learning applications for iOS devices. Mirai’s apps have been featured numerous times by Apple on the App Store. Our motto is: “Changing the Way People Learn Languages.” WordUP is also available for the following languages: Arabic ⋅ Chinese (Mandarin) ⋅ Czech ⋅ Danish ⋅ Dutch ⋅ Finnish ⋅ French ⋅ German ⋅ Greek ⋅ Italian ⋅ Japanese ⋅ Korean ⋅ Norwegian ⋅ Polish ⋅ Portuguese (Brazilian) ⋅ Portuguese (Iberian) ⋅ Russian ⋅ Spanish (Iberian) ⋅ Spanish (Latin American) ⋅ Swedish ⋅ Thai ⋅ Turkish ⋅ Vietnamese Data is supplied by and copyright of: © 2011–2013, HarperCollins WordUP Croatian is copyright of: © 2011–2013, Mirai LLP


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 178.29 MB


Price: 2,58 €

Developed by Mirai LLP

Day of release: 2012-03-19

Recommended age: 12+

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