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Work Clock HD

Work Clock HD is an elegantly designed timesheet/hours tracker, with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The amazingly intuitive user interface makes ...

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Work Clock HD is an elegantly designed timesheet/hours tracker, with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The amazingly intuitive user interface makes it very easy to track all of your worked hours for any number jobs, so all of your job history is kept in one simple location - in your very own briefcase. KEY FEATURES - iCloud compatible (Sync and store your data). - Slick and very easy to use interface. - Add as many jobs as you need! - Specify your pay rate and let Work Clock HD do the calculations! - Quick and easy logging of work entries. - Supports ability to add in past work entries or, begin the work clock at a specific time of the day. - Allows for future entries, in case you forget to start the work clock. - Automatically determines hours elapsed from when you started working. - Supports the ability to allow the work clock running in 'active mode' until you are ready to stop work. - Supports the ability to filter through your work history for your own analysis. - Several Export options - email CSV file as an attachment; back up via iTunes file sharing or; print out your selected job work history - with dates you specify. - Gorgeous graphs of yearly summary for any of your selected jobs - Flexible entering of notes for each work entry - so you can track what you get up to at work. - Retina display ready! iCloud Compatible Have the option to store your data on iCloud. You can even sync your data to your other devices using Work Clock! Trying to find Work Clock? Just look up 'Work Clock' in iTunes Store, or visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/work-clock/id523530199?ls=1&mt=8 Easy to Add Work Entries Simply, start the work clock when you have begun working and, simply stop it when you have finished - its that simple! You don't even have to worry about how long you've been working for, let Work Clock HD figure that out for you! It automatically calculates the time that has elapsed from each work entry you enter. If you've missed out a past work entry or forgotten to press the start button - simply add a work entry via the '+'. You can either choose to keep the clock running on 'active' mode, no stop date specified, or enter in the stop date/time - its really up to you. If you don't know what time you will finish, just keep the clock running on 'active mode' - its that simple! Export Options There are three available options for exporting your work entries for any selected job. Email - you can choose to either attach CSV data or display the work history table in the email. You can customise it in the Settings! iTunes File Sharing - back up CSV file and view it in a spreadsheet program of your choice. Print - choose an available printer, and press 'Print'. History View Interested in viewing past work entries? Just specify the dates you wish to view, and it will do it all for you! If you'd like to export this out - you have 3 options - email, iTunes file sharing or print! Take your pick. Yearly Summary Overview Stunning yearly summary graphs for any job you select. Simply specify a date and the graph will update and display monthly earnings and hours worked for the length of a year. This is particularly helpful for end of year financial calculations. Interested in exporting it out to your tax accountant - do so with the simple exporting feature. SUPPORT Please write to us instead of submitting bugs or questions in an App Store review. We can't respond to reviews. Visit us at www.sockii.com Email us at support@sockii.com


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Version: 1.1.5

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