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Working in the Arab World

50% OFF NEW RELEASE DISCOUNT Going to the Middle East on business? Work with Arabs? What`s more important? Your product or service, or you? ...

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50% OFF NEW RELEASE DISCOUNT Going to the Middle East on business? Work with Arabs? What’s more important? Your product or service, or you? How does Islam impact doing business? How do you close the deal? If you’re not sure, this App is for you. It’ll give you the answers! This App will give you practical advice on the impact of culture on doing business in the Arab World. It’s not just etiquette. It’s about: Relationships in the Arab World and their importance. Hierarchies and decision-making. Attitudes toward risk and uncertainty. And, it’s about communicating effectively across cultural and language barriers. This App is about you being more productive and successful working with Arabs! The Culture Guy is Garry Johnson, President and Founder of INSERV. Since 1985, INSERV has been providing international business training and assistance to major international corporations. He has lived, worked and traveled extensively around the world. Garry’s philosophy of training is to provide practical, relevant information that will be immediately useful to people in doing their jobs overseas. This App - Working in the Arab World - contains the following information: Regional Overview General information about Arabs that will help you display a knowledge of the region. What is Culture? Understanding how to put knowledge of culture to work for you. Arab Cultural Beliefs How these beliefs relate to work. Effective Communications Understanding the Arab style and preference of communication and how it impacts doing business. Work-Related Cultural Concepts in the Arab World Understanding the impact of attitudes toward power, uncertainty and individualism. Etiquette Business and social. How to entertain and more. A Few Tips Practical advice on how to put what you’ve learned about Arab culture to work for you. Includes negotiating advice and techniques. This App also provides a section with practical, relevant, sometimes essential Useful Information about international travel: visas, money and currency exchange, Consular services, electricity, wireless coverage and emergency assistance phone numbers.


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