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In the information age of today education, learning and teaching is changing fast. The technology that is being used in and outside of the classroom is ...

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In the information age of today education, learning and teaching is changing fast. The technology that is being used in and outside of the classroom is everywhere. Almost every student has a cell phone with access to the Internet. Even with out Internet access there are educational applications for iPhone, iPad,. The methods for teaching students and special needs students are expanding. Some schools are going all iPad. Meaning all students will have iPads with digital textbooks and new learning tools. For students these types of applications can be very useful. The student who cannot focus on one type of learning at a time can flip back and fourth through the app to stay focused. The student who is an extremely visual learner will be attracted to the devices colorful screen of pictures in the lesson. The student who has trouble writing notes or preparing them self for a test can simply open up previous lessons and practice on the interactive quizzes of the apps. The student who is a auditory learner can listen to nature sounds while reviewing topics or watch videos related to each topic. The very high performing student can find interesting topic related daily news and summarize it for the class. All of these options can be utilized through one educational app. World History Buddy is the ultimate tool for learning history. This app was designed by a teacher who has used all possible multimedia resources in the classroom for teaching. World History Buddy is not only an app for learning World History but also a app for teachers. The features of this app makes studying extremely convenient. This app is the ultimate learning tool for all students taking World History. This app gives the opportunity to study and become very knowledgeable about World History. This app is a great study guide and great for exam prep. This app includes 1.Interactive quizzes by topic 2.Lesson tutorials 3.Daily World History news updates 4.Daily political cartoons 5.World History National Standards 6.Vocabulary Flash Cards 7. World History Videos This app would be ideal for classrooms with iPads because it has the resources to prepare for a regents or to present a lesson. All the regents buddy apps are available on the app store and have been helping teachers and students since their release.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 16.95 MB


Price: 1,79 €

Developed by Feraco media Inc.

Day of release: 2013-01-28

Recommended age: 17+

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