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World War 2 is a fascinating subject and interest seems to continue to grow. This app contains an incredible collection of some 291 documentaries that ...

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World War 2 is a fascinating subject and interest seems to continue to grow. This app contains an incredible collection of some 291 documentaries that cove all aspects of this war. The app has many easy to use features: Take The Guided Tour to see how you can... *** play the clips *** alter the clip title *** alter the clip description *** add your own user notes *** give your own rating to each clip *** skip backwards and forwards between the video groups The videos are far too numerous to list but include: The German Wehrmacht World War 2 Full Documentary The Battle Of Stalingrad The Men Who Cracked Enigma Secrets Of The Battle Of The Bulge Battle Of Warsaw El Alamein The Soldiers Story The Enigma Secret The Amazing Colonel Doolittle How Germany Was Bombed To Defeat The Man Who Saved Britains Cities Secret Mission To North Africa When Hitler Invaded America The Nazi Plundering Of Europe The Men Behind D-Day The Man Who Stood Up To Hitler The First Day Of The Blitz Japans Last Secret Weapons The Forgotten Blitz Captured German War Films 1945 Hitlers Henchmen 66 - Albert Speer - The Architect The Bombing Of Germany Battlefields 1of4 Elalamein Battlefields 2of4 Cassino Battlefields 3of4 Bomber Battlefields 4of4 Arnhem The Baltic Tragedy - Nazi And Soviet Occupation In Estonia Latvia And Lithuania Hitlers Escape Full 10 Things You Dont Know About Adolf Hitler April 30 2012 World War 2 Documentary History Channel Ingles Full Hd-1080p Japans War In Colour Complete Documentary No Surrender- German Japanese Kamikazes Benito Mussolini - Biography Americas Planned War On Britain Battlefield Britain - Naseby Battlefield Britain - Boyne Hitlers War What The Historians Neglect To Mention Hitler And Stalin The Roots Of Evil Full Documentary Life In Hitlers Germany Part 2 The Bombing War World War Ii - Germany - Road To War Ww Ii In Colour 8-13 The Soviet Steamroller Clash Of Warriors- Patton Vs Von Kluge Pearl Harbor The View From Japan 1994 Pearl Harbor - 24 Hours After History Channel Full Hd Secret Sub Attack On Pearl Harbor Days That Shook The World The Battle Of Midway The Yamato James Camerons Expedition Bismarck Bbc Sacrifice At Pearl Harbor - Best Definition - Full Length The Road To War - Japan The 6th Marine Division On Okinawa 1945 24 Hours After Hiroshima 13 Secrets Of The Dead The Worlds Biggest Bomb WW2 rare Color Filmpearl Harbor December 7 1941 1


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Developed by Anthony Walsh

Day of release: 2013-07-23

Recommended age: 4+

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