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World We Live In

The ‘World We Live In’ provides excellent educational-entertainment activities for a wide range of audiences, ages 10 and older. This audio-visual experience ...

Discontinued App


The ‘World We Live In’ provides excellent educational-entertainment activities for a wide range of audiences, ages 10 and older. This audio-visual experience requires the player to activate the sound-volume feature of the device, in order to maximize an interactive experience with the activities. These activities present interesting, intellectual entertainment, while offering factual and historical information regarding people, places and things across the world we live in. This iPad application includes a multitude of images supporting a wide range of interesting and challenging topics, all randomly presented at the touch of a button. Audio-visual activities include historical sites, world wonders, world leaders, fascinating waterfalls, international theme parks, famous Olympians, and lots more. The objective of the ‘World We Live In’ is to challenge the player, with multiple-choice options, to verify real international facts in a trivial, but entertaining manner. Each topic presents a collection of 5 pictures of objects, places, or persons with similar characteristics. Brief factual statements regarding each of the 5 representative images offer just enough information to give the player an educational clue to identify the images correctly. The [GET GAME] button is located at the bottom of the screen. When touched by the player, it provides a random set of pictures from across the globe, along with on-page instructions on how to interact with the activity. On touching the [GET GAME] button, a set of 5 images under a specific topic is presented to the player. The player touches any picture and immediately receives on the page, brief, factual information about the image selected. The player also receives on-page instructions to identify the image by touching the correct identity-answer button located just below the pictures. There are five (5) identity-answer buttons below the images on the game page. The buttons are not placed in any particular order. After touching an image and reading the corresponding information provided, the player should touch the identity-button below which most accurately references the selected image. To complete a randomly presented topic, the player must correctly identify all five (5) pictures in the set. The pictures may be identified in any order. The session ends after the fifth picture is correctly identified. Finally, the player is encouraged to continue with another activity by touching the [GET GAME] button at the bottom of the page, for another randomly presented topic. Please enjoy your World We Live In game! GAME FEATURES: • Activities generated randomly from a wide array of historical and factual world topics. • Player identifies a set of 5 pictures for fun and learning, with multiple-choice options. • Intuitive and easy to understand, play, and enjoy. Activities may provide educational benefit. • On-page instructions guide the player throughout for a rich, interactive, audio-visual experience. • Activities are presented randomly and repeatedly, to reinforce learning and retention. • Topics include historical sites, celebrities, world leaders, famous buildings, and lots more. Grab the latest version of the 'World We Live In' for the iPad now available at the App Store ! Visit: http://www.biznizcamp.com for more educational-entertainment games.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 11.22 MB


Price: 1,78 €

Developed by Keith Thomas

Day of release: 2012-09-10

Recommended age: 4+

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